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The 'Seven Flames of Odin' achievement level I, and level II.

The 'Seven Flames of Odin' achievement level I, and level II.

Oct 8, 2023, 08:0910/08/23

The 'Seven Flames of Odin' achievement level I, and level II.

I trained tens of millions of tier IV's, V's, VI's, and VII's.  I ran a 3rd level Tower of Odin and stronghold siege for one of our CVC tournament events. We slaughtered over 298 million Plarium Jotuun troops in only four marches, using the following Melee and Range tier troops: tier III's, IV's, V's, VI's, VII's. I logged off and 3 hours later, I received my "Seven Flames of Odin" level II. And our clan only lost 64 million different tier troops. I would assume that any player will acquire the "Seven Flames of Odin" level I the same way, as if I remember the way I did correctly though.

Oct 8, 2023, 11:4710/08/23
Oct 8, 2023, 11:49(edited)

I have six levels of the Seven Flames of Odin achievement and my experience, together with such received wisdom as exists, suggests that what is required is to kill a certain number of tier VII, tier IV and (perhaps) tier V troops and/or lose a certain number of those same tier troops.

No doubt the number goes up with each level but my experience suggests that numbers can accumulate over time - you don't have to kill/lose the required number all at once.

If I had to guess I would say that it is kills alone that matter, not troops lost.

Some have suggested that activating seven boosts is a factor.  I am doubtful but my kills/losses have virtually all been in the course of sieges and I do routinely have a full set of boosts activated - so perhaps there is something in that idea.

If I am right that numbers can accumulate over time that undermines virtually all the comments I have come across up to now as they virtually all focus on events immediately before the achievement is creditted.

Oct 22, 2023, 14:1410/22/23

rien ne marchg je suis papy 73 sur S 914

Nov 9, 2023, 13:5911/09/23

Alors, joueur, Benard Waldner vous etes dans Kingdom Isorgested #914? Nous avons deux clans a Norrkullbert #864 que vous pouvez rejoindre pour nous aider.