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Mini Asgard

Jul 20, 2023, 16:2607/20/23

Mini Asgard

I have a suggestion for Mini Asgard. Make it so it is League Play. Whereas if your clan is in say League of Masters, you only play other clans that are in the League of Masters. So on and so forth.

If you have to combine Leagues due to lack of clans, then combine Asgard/Odin --  Masters/Conquerors -- Warriors/Recruits/Rookies

This will: 

  • Reduce the horrific LAG that Mini always has
  • Make it FUN for everyone! 
  • Create an environment where every clan has a chance to play and compete, not just die
  • Encourage more play from smaller clans
  • It would be the first time in a very very long time that Plarium would do anything that makes the game enjoyable for smaller clans. 

Before you say, well the Massive Clans break apart to play HG they would do the same for Mini's. I propose to you this... Make it so you MUST be in the clan for 1 WEEK prior to a Mini Asgard to qualify. Problem solved. (my personal opinion is that breaking clans up to make themselves smaller, so they have an advantage is just wrong and should not be allowed.)

Keep the regular Asgard the same... just make these Mini's enjoyable for EVERYONE not just the megaclans.