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26 March, 2019, 6:56 PM UTC

I am enjoying this game so far, for the most part. 

I come from other games like this, where I usually act as an emissary for my guild/clan/alliance, to establish diplomacy with other clans. This involves a lot of communication back and forth with dozens of other people...hence A LOT of typing.

Usually, I can either cut and paste, share screenshots, and/or create groups in chat(such as group messaging with just clan elders and chief, ect). This makes communicating so much easier, cuts down on TYPING, and salvages some of my time to actually play, while I'm conducting diplomacy.

This is a quality of life improvement suggestion for your chat interface. The following would be greatly appreciated additions(and improvements) to your game, for people like me, who like to mass communicate:

- An option to create a group chat within the clan, or within "contacts", to send 1 message, to everyone in the designated group at once.

-an option to create custom chat groups outside the clan setting, for easier communocation between clans

-ability for chief and/or elders/lower rank members to send a mass message to all elders/chief, or designated ranks or individuals

-ability to cut/paste

-ability to share screen shots

-improve predictive text when typing in chat.

If these options, I have not found them yet.

I hope some of these suggestions can be considered or are already planned to be implemented. 

For this game to thrive, communication, which is easy to do, will help to vest other players time in the game. Clunky chat makes it difficult for casual players to make connections with other players. This is true even for big spenders and hardcore players. Chat is an important part of any mmog, and ease of use is just as important.

Thank you for your consideration!



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11 April, 2019, 7:53 PM UTC

There appears to be lots of chat spammers and althoigh you can blockvthem there are no way to report them. The moderators should auto block them. 

Secondly you should have a swear or bad language filter as well as some ofthe comments are not suitable for kids to see. 
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