Valkyrie Citadel Reset

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14 January, 2019, 10:44 PM UTC
Okay Plarium, you told us the costs would increase and even asked us all twice "Are you sure?" when we chose a new troop type to upgrade and we responded with "hell yeah, just do it already!" and as you probably predicted, many of us found ourselves in a world of regret when we saw just how much that 'increase' you warned us about really is. Now we are asking for a do-over. Be it an item we can purchase to erase the last troop type we added or a complete reset to the citadel, please give us another chance to make the right decision for us. Otherwise, some of us are looking at accounts that we spent many months working on becoming obsolete because we realized far too late that just because "killers" sounds like what you want, they benefit very little from your level 60 Elsa, the Cavalry Queen. And just cuz you use siege troops the most, gathering resources like we're getting paid for it, doesn't mean they're going to get you the PoP when you're only decent shaman is Ulf the Brave, with his muchness in melee. These upgrades being set in stone has killed our livelihood in this game so please, show some Mercy and give us an "undo". 
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14 January, 2019, 11:00 PM UTC
I suppose losing the resources/money so far put into the troop upgrades rubbed out when the change is made would be a worthy quid pro quo for this let off.  And plarium might welcome the additional income from those impatient enough to lay out money to get their new preferred troop type/s upgraded to the levels previously reached.
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15 January, 2019, 1:09 AM UTC

I think the only way is to write off your resource investment and burn down the citadel.

Sadly the citadel is very much a trial and error so it's better to figure out what you want to upgrade and how it balances with your current knowledge and equipment.

Then start your upgrades.
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15 January, 2019, 1:28 AM UTC

This is just another example of how things affect people in the slow lane.

You decide to take one course and just as you get some progress along it, something else is introduced to make you think again.

This has happened a lot more recently.

How many of us have been trying to get the meagre effect runes for building,just one 0.9%, and two for knowledge 0.55% and 0.9%

 and now  the latest Shaman have 2.0% for the top usually rarest rune ?

Good idea if you are able to tear it down, many things on that side you cant.

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