Tables about resource and item drops

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28 June, 2018, 7:54 AM UTC

Skål, Jarls! We would like to share some useful tables about resource and item drops.

In the first part of our guide, we will tell you about the main resources. 

This table shows where you can obtain Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, Silver, and Gold.

* You can't get resources as a reward for passing checkpoints or for victory in global Competitions. The only exception is the reward to the Chief for victory in the Clans Battle. In this case, they get resource packs (the number of obtained resources depends on the League the Clan is in).

** The Clan Chief who holds the Place of Power becomes the Konung of the Kingdom and receives a levy from all Chiefs in the Kingdom — 10% of the Silver from their Silver stocks.

*** Each Jarl gets Gold and VIP points for entering the game every day.

**** A Jarl can get Gold for landing a hit on an Invader/Uber Invader, and a resource pack for the last hit. 

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The second part of our guide introduces the item drop table.

* In the Clan Store, you can purchase only Charms of Baggi the Big. 

** You can obtain Bronze and Manuscripts only for completing Personal Tasks. 

*** You can receive Totems by participating in personal Competitions (for League of Odin members) and Clan Competitions (for members of the Leagues of Conquerors, Masters, and Odin). 

You can get Shaman Charms by participating in the Ghost Hunt personal Competitions that are linked to certain Shamans. 

Jarls, we hope that you'll find our guide useful. We wish you stunning victories!

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5 July, 2018, 7:38 PM UTC
good info for new players 
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