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War strategy from Jarl Nik_os

War strategy from Jarl Nik_os

Oct 6, 2017, 07:1310/06/17

War strategy from Jarl Nik_os

Warriors, read the new interview with Jarl nik_os, who made it into the top 5 of last week's Offense ranking!

⚔ Name: Nikita

⚔ Date of birth: 1981

⚔ Location: Moscow

⚔ Clan: Русский (Russian)

⚔ Kingdom: Tyaragseyr (Kingdom 333)

⚔ Total time in the game: 8w 6d

⚔ Enemy warriors destroyed: 245М

⚔ What you're proud of: Pride is a deadly sin.

⚔ Super ability (you would like to have/already have): I would like to have the superpower of automatic translation in the game. It would greatly simplify the communication process.

⚔ Hobbies: Lately I've been engrossed in Vikings: War of Clans.

⚔ Likes: Russian salad.

⚔ Dislikes: Obtrusiveness and loutishness.

⚔ Favorite song: Bialowieza Forest by VIA Pesniary.

V — Vikings: War of Clans

N — nik_os

V.: Do you have special attack tactics? Tell us what you do first. Maybe you perform some unique ritual?

N.: My only ritual is that I try to find my brothers-in-arms as soon as possible. )))

V.: Which Clan is the mightiest, in your opinion? Would you challenge them or avoid battles with them?

N.: The most powerful Clan is the one with the strongest spirit. That’s why there is no Clan stronger than ours.

V.: Can you remember your most difficult confrontation, where there was a fight to the death?

N.: I can’t exactly remember the enemy. Once there was a Clans Battle and it was unclear till the last moment who would become the winner. We were collecting all resources together and sent them to the players who could increase the account somehow. But we failed.