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Interview with couples

Interview with couples

Sep 22, 2017, 12:3309/22/17

Interview with couples

Vikings, recently we've found out that there are many couples playing together among our followers. We decided to interview them to get the answers to some burning questions: how can you woo someone using only Clan chat and resources, and what should you do if your partner progresses faster than you?


Shauna and Michael — 103 Kingdom

He started an account on my phone to farm Stone and Silver for him. While he was out of Town, he had to walk me through some gameplay and I got hooked! We love sitting together while playing the game, strategizing, talking about enemies, laughing over some of the Clan chat comments, and just having so much fun together. A funny memory for me was when my husband told me that no matter what I do, I could not become a level 26 Palace before him. I was growing and wasn't ready to slow down, so instead, I doubled his Influence and became twice his size as a level 25 Palace! The look on his face when he saw my "work around" was priceless!! We are now both level 26, but he has yet to catch me, I am still twice his size! However, no matter what happens, or how much bigger I am, my husband is my biggest defender. Playing in different Clans is not an option because we are too great of a team, but sometimes when I am irritated with him, I tell him that I am going to join another Clan, just so I can zero him. But to be honest, this game has given us a common interest and has played a role in strengthening our relationship.

Marta and Sasha from Kingdom 217

We always discuss battles, share experience and compete to see who earns the most points. Something funny happened not long ago: my husband temporarily joined another Clan and started trying to entice me to join him. He tried to do this in many ways! One evening during dinner, he brought up the fact that I had lost the contest to see who would earn the most points in the Clans Battle. He claimed he would forget all about it if I changed Clans with him. Oh, he is so naive! :) How can couples keep things on an even keel at home while playing Vikings: War of Clans together? Maybe by being weaker deliberately, so that your partner feels more powerful. :) And of course, don't forget about having a delicious dinner offline.

Tatiana and Vladimir from Kingdom 223

It's easier and more fun to play together. We help each other with resources. My husband started playing first, and I would go into his account to complete tasks while he was relaxing after work. :) It started that way. Vikings: War of Clans is a good way to blow off some steam after family arguments. I remember one time: there is one player in our Kingdom who is disliked, especially in our Clan. My husband is fond of goofing on people, so he decided to change his name to that person's nickname. It is difficult to describe in words the reaction of our Clan! Shock and outrage: "Who accepted him?!" After that, my husband was kicked out of the Clan several times before they understood that it was really him. My husband likes playing jokes on not only clansmen, but other players from our Kingdom, too.

Yulia and Denis from Kingdom 258

We met in the game. We saw each others' photos in Line and instantly liked each other. We talked a lot: we are Elders, so we had to share our knowledge, of course. Then it turned into more. He was going through a tough time and I supported him in personal messages. And two months later we couldn't live without each other and without our game... Although we'd never met in real life. Then we decided to have a Skype call and... meet. We're 9000 kilometers away from each other: he lives in Vladivostok and I live in Moscow. Then we even joked: "This is what happens when you play Vikings!" :) The real-time communication is what I appreciate this game for. Vikings: War of Clans has completely changed our lives and I'm very grateful to the game for bringing us together!

Marcus and Liza from Kingdom 62

Yes, we got acquainted in the game. That was when I had joined another Clan where she was an Elder and I became Ranker. At first I was shy, but then I started calling her "Beauty"! :) So that was how we started our communication. Liza is a good warrior and strategist, she encourages everyone to participate in the war. I've always sought revenge against people who attack her, depending on my game abilities and Influence. It's been a year since we started living together. :) It's thanks to your game that I was able to find my Love.

Floki_King and Helga_QueenofFloki — 288 Kingdom

We have found it to be easier, we discuss Clan happenings in our personal lives. As Chief, there have been accusations of favoritism from newer members who don't know us. The advantages have been us having something we do together as a couple and have fun doing it. We spend time in Clan chat or a group chat we have created, joking around, having fun and goofing off. We keep an eye on each other all the time. When a Shield drops, we reinforce and make sure it gets back up quickly. When yielding on tiles, we watch each others' backs for attacks. We have made some really good friends while playing, so there are times when we will be laying in bed and instead of talking verbally we are holding conversations in our group chat. We generally have fun all around.

Jarls, are there couples in your Clan?