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Interview with ALEX THE WALL

Interview with ALEX THE WALL

Aug 30, 2017, 14:5508/30/17

Interview with ALEX THE WALL

Vikings, today we introduce you to the interview with |ALEX|THE WALL| — one of the Jarls who have conquered the top rankings in the Influence category. He thinks that the key to a successful attack is having information about enemies and coordinating actions among allies. He adores his 86 Kingdom and warns that he is watching every enemy carefully. Let's get acquainted!


Clan: The Syndicate 86

Kingdom: Itlisia

Total time in the game: 23w 0d 20h

Enemy warriors destroyed: 388,175,693

What you're proud of: My Kingdom

Super ability (you would like to have/already have): I would like to have the ability to cancel any Peace Treaty of a +1 bn Influence enemy player from an enemy Kingdom.

Hobbies: Gaming - Vikings: War of Clans

Likes: Kingdom 86 Clans and Team

Dislikes: Use of sheer force against and destruction of any K86 player by a Kingdom mate even if that player is a rival or potential threat to the others.

Favorite song: Blaze of Glory by the late Jon Bon Jovi 😊

V — Vikings: War of Clans


V.: Tell us the story behind your nickname.

A.: My name is made up of two parts, yet both have almost the same meaning. Alex comes from Alexander the Great, protector of men and a legendary conqueror in the old times. As for THE WALL, it comes from the slogan that says, "A good strong defense is the best offense" thus the high wall as the protector of all."

V.: Do you think it's possible to become a top player without a team and emerge victorious in all Competitions on your own?

A.: Just like real life, NO matter what you do and no matter how you grow your military power, you can never emerge victorious without the help and participation of the others in the Clan team and your colleagues from other Clans in the Kingdom as the larger team. I am not saying we at 86 have always been on good terms with each other over the course of the short history we shared/still share, yet by nature/time we were, depending on the situation, able to unite on a common cause and path to achieve the victory sought by all.

V.: Do you have special attack tactics? Tell us what you do first. Maybe you perform some unique ritual?

A.: A good attack depends mainly on the speed of sharing information which is the key to any victory, starting from sharing your knowledge in game with others (friend or foes in the Kingdom to enhance their level of play) to ultimately creating a kingdom-wide network of scouts that constantly scan the grids for the purpose of sharing coordinates of possible targets. So in a sense, if you are porting around attacking (shielding and unshielding) or just posing without a shield even for a few seconds, we will know about you. Next, a quick assessment of target is made by checking the KDR (kill to death ratio) and estimating the amount of troops the target has. Watching patiently for the right moment to attack/onslaught or scout, we give the target the feel of comfort that no one is watching, then at the right moment the hit comes from far like lightning and when it's least expected by the enemy target. I must say here that no one is safe from getting a major blow, therefore a counter scouts tactic is also adopted to stay updated on the moves of the other enemy big or active players from the enemy side during our watch of the target.

That's, in short, what we do for attacks.

Jarls, tell us how you prepare for attacks. We're waiting for your stories!

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