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Jotunheim Celebrates!

Jotunheim Celebrates!

Aug 11, 2020, 15:0608/11/20

Jotunheim Celebrates!

We're continuing to celebrate the game's birthday! To mark this occasion, the upcoming Battle for the Throne of Jotunheim (August 14–15) will be a special one. The following events await you:

❄️ The celebratory "Loki's Gift: Hunt in Jotunheim" clan Competition

Together with your allies, slay enemy warriors and earn rewards! If you finish the Competition in 7th, 13th, or 21st place in the League of Asgard, you will receive the King of Jotunheim's equipment!

❄️ Strangers in the North!

In the vast lands of Jotunheim, the Towns of a Clan named "Gift Snatchers," which hails from foreign lands, will appear. Attack them and receive huge amounts of resources. You'll get Soul Shards for destroying their garrisons. Six Towns of Gift Snatchers will be appearing in Jotunheim from time to time over the course of two days.

❄️ Even more rewards!

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in the Celebratory Monster Hunt clan Competition. If you take the top places in the Slaughter in Jotunheim and Reaping in Jotunheim personal Competitions, you will receive Coffers of King's gifts.

👉But that's not all! In August, significantly increased bonuses for resurrecting warriors and then for resource yielding will be activated. We've also prepared a series of personal Competitions for the second half of the month. For taking the top places in them, you will receive a huge amount of Gold and boosts.

Follow the event schedule!

Aug 17, 2020, 15:4408/17/20
Anyone have an issue with hitting NPC towns in Jutenheim, but only to get rss and not when hitting troops? Frozen marches after boosting into town etc? Magnus basically accused me of me that I must not have sent the marches despite showing evidence captured in image. So no rss after taking our troops. This seems to be a constant theme of neglecting customers when they are in a service industry. You can and should do better