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Bank is Broken: Discussion

Bank is Broken: Discussion

Nov 15, 2017, 10:4911/15/17

Bank is Broken: Discussion

So a lot of players are having issues with the offers lately, me included. Been offered energy pack once in 2 months, that was 8 days ago and counting. 

There are threads reporting on the issue and so this isn't going to be one of those. 

I wonder if this i random or somehow related to purchase history or in-game activity. So my idea is everyone describes what they bought prior to the issues, and if anything changed in how you play the game or if you changed focus from example invaders to lets say farming tiles or battles. Maybe this could be helpful for plarium to identify the cause behind these issues, I dont know but lets try... 

I used to initially buy no energy packs when I was new. I bought several VIP packs, task rerolls, etc. But lately I wanted to gear up and such so I began killing invaders and buying energy packs. I made 2 or 3 purchases in Id guess 6 weeks, no other packs, then suddenly I was no longer offered these packs. Shifted gameplay during this time from mainly logging in to do tasks, to hunting invaders/doing related knowledge.