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PLARIUM get ur Pack System repaired

PLARIUM get ur Pack System repaired

Nov 15, 2017, 09:0711/15/17

PLARIUM get ur Pack System repaired

It is not funny anymore that u dont offer Energy Packs as u used to.

On my main Account with best Invader Skills i  dont get  Energypacks at all for weeks now. 

Its funny that u give Packs to accounts that run awefull Invader skills, but im right now done with it. 

You make us grind bloody invader for Events, we dont need every 3 days, but u dont give us the Energy to participate. 

I dont buy ur messed mixed Packs. U  can give me 20 of them but i will never buy them. 

So change ur system or u dont see any money. 


PS For the time beeing i can kill 2lvl2 invader a day with perfect invader skills, which cost me lots of efford.

Nov 15, 2017, 10:3411/15/17
I'm having the same problem and a lot of other people too. Very few bank offers overall, value is a lot worse and I have to wait for 3/4+ weeks for an energy pack... very annoying and quickly losing patience. Many people have no issues so this is a technical problem that needs top priority and immediate fix. 
Nov 16, 2017, 09:3411/16/17
Nov 16, 2017, 11:30(edited)


this goes in many threads. Some get no ernergy some get bad offers than android and so on.

I see it all day. I get very bad offers against an other jarl. I am play with browser he play with android.

I can not say if it between android or browser.

He get the much more better same offers.

When it where about double or triple against me where it ok but it is much more. Some over eightfold only when I look at the gold that he get. Than the other things from the offer.

Since 6 weeks no change by me and him in amount or price. It look like that the system is freezing.


I request an official statement

From the support I get only the same answer. The system makes the offers. You get better soon and so on.

BUT WHEN????? In one year???????

Nov 16, 2017, 22:5711/16/17
Same energy in many many weeks and  my hero is NOT maxed for equipment
Nov 17, 2017, 02:4311/17/17
Nov 17, 2017, 02:48(edited)

Yes this is truly absurd, I am in a clan with 80+ people who've mostly been playing a minimum of 6 months to a year and since Vikings was bought out all the packs have dropped steeply in value fpr money.

I've waited 5 weeks without purchases just to see if it makes any difference but still my energy packs are really small, so small in fact that I am being offered about 200k energy for $6.50, wheras previously it was closer to 1 million.  With 200k energy I struggle to even take down an uber with my knowledge maxed, what kind of crap is this?

The system isn't broken, the greed has just increased.

I won't buy until this is fixed and if it isn't will take a break and hope to come back to the game I used to play.

I should also mention that all 4 of my accounts have similarly terrible offers.

Nov 17, 2017, 07:4811/17/17

Dear, Wdbrown39, Eric.Bjurling, Aawegner, Codral!

We carried out a number of steps to resolve the situation. Is this issue still affecting you? If so, could you please send us more details with a full description of the issue and screenshots here? Thank you for your feedback, it is very important to us. Enjoy the game!

Best regards,

Your Plarium Support Team

Nov 17, 2017, 10:0811/17/17
Nov 17, 2017, 10:20(edited)


looks like u changed something.

thx for that.

but actually it doesnt feel rigth to have such difference in the offer.

having 3 accounts in family it doesnt feel good that 1 offer is way better then the other.

not speaking of that im EU so ir should be EUR. but i dont care until its not more expensive.

what i dont get is why u offer such a difference in energy.

makes me feel bad and not buying the more expensive one for sure.

i get it u like to balance the game  with offers.  but i would rather not do it.

why dont u give us a bottom line of energy price and a discount for bigger packs.

their used to be way better offers and as u know even with maxed invader skills 335.000 Energy for 4.99 doenst help much.

here are my examples on 3 accounts i got.

im happy i have one but dont like the difference at all.

335.000 for 4.99 EUR

335.000 for 4.99 EUR

490.000 for 4.99 USD

this is allmost 50% difference

335.000 for 4.99

maybe its the difference between mobil gaming and browser.

believe me i would happily change my browser accounts to facebook mobil.

but u dont let me. so im stuck with browser and as it looks like getting BAD offers as well.


Nov 17, 2017, 13:3111/17/17
Nov 17, 2017, 13:35(edited)

Nah mine haven't changed, my best pack is that same bottom one one above, (50 x2000 boosts) also supposedly marked down from 13.99 to 6.99 (which is rubbish because I've had the same offer for the last 5 weeks) and far too poor value for money for me to actually consider it. Same offer on 3 accounts whether on PC or mobile too. With both Facebook and Google play linked and non linked accounts.

I should mention that before the takeover when all this was presumably changed I would generally get packs with (200 x2000) boosts with occasional 300 x2000 boosts, with similar figures on x1000 as well.  Since the gambling company bought plarium up I'd say all pack are down 150% but energy in particular is horrible.
Nov 22, 2017, 09:3511/22/17

as said a good offer used to be around 300.000% profit.

if this not going back like it used to be im done with this game at least i wont buy anything.

Nov 22, 2017, 10:1411/22/17


and the next day without change in amount and price of the offers.

I get allways the very bad offers for 5 EUR over 6 weeks.

I will not buy this offer. This offers are jokes. It is good for players who beginn but not for players who play over 7 month!!!
Nov 24, 2017, 09:1311/24/17

khunterj said:


and the next day without change in amount and price of the offers.

I get allways the very bad offers for 5 EUR over 6 weeks.

I will not buy this offer. This offers are jokes. It is good for players who beginn but not for players who play over 7 month!!!

dude, how long do you wait for packs after the last purchase?

Nov 24, 2017, 09:3811/24/17


now over 6 week.

I get allways the same similar offers, and ernergy allways the same all 2 days.
Nov 30, 2017, 07:1611/30/17
I am pretty sure that they want to punish the loyalty customers and favor the strangers. their head must be messed up and need professional assistant. they think they could make more money by keep raising the price as we buy. but what they dont understand is they just lose big spender to spend more money, and gain little spender to spend some little money. after all, their profit is lower than what is supposed to be lol. There is nothing hurting me for not buying their packs, its only hurting to them because i dont lose any money and they just not make any money hahahahh lol. they need to learn more about business and  marketing skills.
Dec 2, 2017, 20:2112/02/17


and the end of the next week without change in the offers.

Dec 3, 2017, 19:2612/03/17

I purchased 2 packs and got totally different packages. Specifically one's i had no use for. I have contacted you and given you the times and dates of the purchase. When we submit messages to you through the support system there needs to be a way we can access that history. When we make online purchases there needs to be a way to access the history of what we purchased, including receipts that we can see after the fact. The only way i knew i received the wrong packages was when i went and checked. It's too late after that to take a screen capture of my purchase.

This needs to be fixed, and has legal ramifications.
Dec 5, 2017, 20:1412/05/17


now 7 weeks, the only change is that i get every day this baddddd offer for energy.

And the other jarl get now every day the very good offer for energy.


he get a very good offer for the new schaman.

The differnt between the offers from me and him are very high.

I mean that is not fair!

I think I will wait until I get the same offers.

And for that

Dec 7, 2017, 20:5612/07/17


short update

after 7 weeks comes the new better offers.

Yesterday in the morning my time was the bad offer.

In the afternoon it change to good offers

Dec 18, 2017, 21:1312/18/17


what should I say, the offers go after I buy the energy offer more and more down.

Direct after I buy the offer (10EUR) I get a new energy offer which had less energy for the same price.

Now the offers are going bad and bad from day to day.

When I hear from the other jarl his offers i could cry :)

Now a same offer for the same price. He get much more gold and more things. 113k gold me he 1,125 million


Dec 19, 2017, 03:2912/19/17

So how do we force offers on accounts?  On my town that I do nothing with but produce stone I got the following offer:

9x 20% hero increase for 1 hour

90x 50% marching speed increase

45x relocation

900x 100 energy

900x 200 energy

900x 500 energy

540x 1000 energy

540x 2000 energy


Holy crap Plarium.  Can't you see a purchase history and match up offers accordingly?  I'd snap that up in a split second on my main account. But all I get there is the $4.99 offer for a total of 490k energy - which I'm not buying.  Your algorithms to determine where these offers go are costing you a lot of money.

Dec 19, 2017, 06:0212/19/17
Plarium has decided that you can't buy yourself to greatness cheaply or quickly.  You get good offers 2 months after you last purchase and after you make that purchase the offers go back down in quality.  So choice wisely when you buy your packs.  If you aren't willing to commit a year or $$$$ to the game you need to find another game, but good luck finding a game that does not generally follow this same guideline.
Dec 25, 2017, 17:4712/25/17

Wow, can't even get a decent energy pack sale for Christmas.

Plarium, I *WANT* to spend money on your game. . .