Vikings WoC on Discord!

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1 October, 2018, 5:47 PM UTC

Hello, mighty Jarls!

We have started a Discord server for Vikings: War of Clans.


Channels are growing with: General Chat, Kingdoms, Clans, Events, Rules/FAQs. Previews below.

We hope that this will be a great place for all active players to gather for all sorts of game geekery and general shenanigans. This will also be a handy place to find active clans/kingdoms if you are looking for a move. Like where you are? This will be a great place to socialize with other, active players outside of your own kingdom.

Unlike Line and Viber, Discord is specifically geared toward gamers. Come join the fun! Please be patient as we grow.

Feel free to add me on Discord: Lyrae#1571

Kingdom: 462

Clan: ARXI_

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