—PIRE— K18, Recruiting Exceptional Jarls

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15 November, 2017, 3:19 AM UTC

[PIRE] K18, Recruiting Exceptional Jarls.

Kingdom 18: Khelteria

Almost 100 members strong, our team has been fighting enemies together for nearly two years. Our core is a tight knit group that boasts membership from all around the world.

We have a solid core, a thriving banking system, active leadership and exceptional military capabilities. We are looking to open recruitment in hopes of finding a few new members to join our team. 

We are willing to assist new members in any way we can by guiding them through the growth process, but we also take pride in being intelligent gamers and set a high standard for our members.

If you’re looking for a team that always strives to be prepared and play smart, we are the team for you. It’s a long game, let’s grow together.

Interested gamers please contact “Xei” on Kingdom 18, Khelteria.

Serious pms only. 

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