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Searching - Currently 324 Mirenghird - new to game

Searching - Currently 324 Mirenghird - new to game

Feb 17, 2017, 17:3802/17/17

Searching - Currently 324 Mirenghird - new to game

I am new to the game and currently located in 324 Mirenghird. I was told by a more experienced player to post here to find a clan before raising my keep past level 5 (I am there), so I can switch kingdoms if necessary. .

Experience:  I am very new (less than 1 day), but I do have experience with games like Travian and Game of Thrones: Ascent, where alliance work is important.  I have seen enough to know that I will stick around a long time if I find the right clan.

Play Style:  In similar games, I have a tendency to hang back while building a strong infrastructure, then go forth when I am strong and powerful... I also understand the value of working with your team and following basic instructions.

I would like to find a clan that helps new people grow, with the idea that helping them when new will make them a strong asset later.  In other games, I have ended up a helper to new people, after I have established myself, and figured out the basics of the game.

So... To which clan do you think I belong?