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All players welcome

All players welcome

Jan 21, 2021, 00:2701/21/21

All players welcome

Cagon clan is recruiting, all are welcome, miners, fighters, invader/ghost hunters, people just looking to upgrade, big, small, medium players, etc... If you're an active player we'll take you. No drama. 

There are two rules in Cagon, 

1) Real life comes first, if your life takes you away for a bit, we'll be here when you get back, no problem, this is a game we play for fun, not a full time job, nobody will get fired so to speak

2) We have a kingdom wide NAP on both tiles and towns, we are a peaceful kingdom and would like to stay that way. Inactive towns are fine, just don't hit active players. If someone hits us first, and the matter can not be resolved peacefully, that's a different story. Otherwise our kingdom is a safe place for us to mine and grow. Not that we don't kick ass in kingdom battles. We can fight, we just don't fight each other. 

About us: 

Level 4 stronghold, all equipment unlocked, frequently do sieges. 

Will soon build the Trap Workshop in the SH so we can set traps in Holmgang. 

We're not the konung clan but the konung and I go way back and I can get you reputes if they're available. Fighting reputes for SH sieges, Jotunheim, or Holmgang; Learning, Knowledge,  and Troop training reputes; or negative reputes if you want to go for the troll achievements. 

Resource sharing: If we win a clan battle I split the resources up among everybody in the clan, top 4 points earners getting the most, and everybody else getting 250 million of each resource. If we lose a clan battle only the top points earner gets resources, and it's about 100 to 150 million of each resource. 

I am full of knowledge about this game and am happy to answer questions and give advice and suggestions. 

We currently have 3 good fighters, and one developing fighter, and the rest of us are mostly still developing miners and invader/ghost fighters. Many of the accounts in the clan are my farms, which I use to upgrade each other to produce more and more every week, and they are what I use to give out resources to the highest points earner if we lose a clan battle. 

I am a strong cavalry fighter, and we have a strong melee and a  strong killer figher. I'm working on developing a spy but it takes a while since that's a secondary account and I mostly use my main account. We could really use strong siege and archery fighers. Again though, all are welcome. 

Many members have come and gone over the years I've played this game. Almost all of the players we have now though have been with us for a very long time, and are loyal to their last breath. Looking for more players like that. People who want to stay with a clan to get stronger with that clan rather than jump from clan to clan looking to join a clan that's already strong. Ask not what your clan can do for you, ask what you can do for your clan. 

As chief I consider it my job to serve my clan. I do work in the SH, I split up winning resources from clan battles when we win and send the rest to the stronghold, send out resources from my farms to the highest points earner when we lose clan battles, do my best to get us lots of checkpoints in contests, resolve conflicts among other clans as rare as they are, give advice and suggestions when solicited to do so, and generally work for the overall strength and prosperity of my clan members. 

For inquiries go to 207:421 in kingdom 421 and write to BelusTheConqueror.