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Searching for new clan

Searching for new clan

Oct 24, 2020, 13:3910/24/20

Searching for new clan

Hi all,

I'm a active player from germany who started playing in March 2019 (Current Playtime: 23w1d). 

My stats:

- 340b EP (Current, may differ because of troop influence)

- 1st: Troop-Type: Ranged, 2nd: Scouts, both full reserached

- Hero-Lvl. 70 (Full Fight- & Ubba-Set with legendary runes)

- VIP-Level: 40

- Shamans: Stig, Wendla, Rainer (Full Set with legendary runes)

- Full main reserach, first secrect reserach 80%

- All twon-skins on Lvl 5

- Helheim building on Lvl 8, Helheim Champion-Lvl 23, Current-Floor 8

- Collector-Achievement Lvl10

- 7,4b lost troops, 11,8b killed troops (may change)

I'm searching for active Fight-Clan (English or German).

- Don't want Drama.

- Full Teamplayer, no loner.

- Communication via Line outside of the game.

- Active as much as possible. However: RealLife always comes first.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have fun.