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Looking for active players

Looking for active players

Aug 19, 2020, 16:5208/19/20

Looking for active players

Kingdom 418, Chaos Unlimited (largest clan). We like to keep a smaller group in order to reap the most rewards when they appear, such as Fury tiles, but currently we are too small. If you are by yourself or have a group that wants to transfer please message me, Elfish_Peasley.

We just got done chasing out an invading clan that tried to move in and take over the kingdom. We stopped recruiting during our war because we didn't think it fair to ask people to come over and have your rss locations attacked and lose a lot of competitions. (We lost a lot because we trained a bunch to bloat our influence making it hard for the invading clan to win Fury or KVK.)

We are back in control now and are looking for active players. We are currently in the process of shedding influence to get back to fighting weight.

We are mostly from U.S.A. but have members from all around the world.