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vikings war of clans fast influence

vikings war of clans fast influence

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vikings war of clans fast influence

What is Influence?

In Vikings War of Clans influence is a quick method of telling how strong a player is. It is important because it will usually determine which clans you can join, it’s a large factor other player’s use to make decisions on whether or not to attack you and for most players it is the most important stat in the player rankings!

What are the types of Influence

In Vikings War of Clans there five ways to increase your influence, which are:-






Before we look in detail at at each category, first you need to understand that not all of the influence you gain will be permanent.

Out of the five mentioned above Hero, Knowledge and Quest influence is permanent. You can never lose influence in these categories, whatever you do in game.

Buildings provide semi-permanent influence. The reason I put them in this category, is because you can destroy buildings if you want to change your town set up, which results in a temporary loss of influence.

Finally troop influence can easily be lost if your warriors are killed outside of your town and you do not resurrect them. In addition it can be lost if you are attacked in your town and you do not have sufficient Infirmary beds to cover all of your troops.

Whilst you are growing you want to concentrate on the permanent sources of influence and not so much on troops, which can be easily lost.


Obviously it goes without saying that upgrading your buildings increases your influence. Therefore, to maximise your return in Vikings War of Clans you need to do two things:-

Make sure you are constantly upgrading, or building something at all times.

Reduce your building timers as much as possible.

The easiest way to achieve number 1. is to start long building timers when you know you will be offline for extended periods of time. For instance ideally you want an 8 hour + timer when you go to bed, so you don’t end up completing a building whilst you are asleep and waste potential build time.

To achieve number 2 you need to maximize your construction boost as far as possible, to reduce build timers. You can do this by maxing Building I and Building II on the hero skill tree as quickly as possible. You also need to max the building learning ability, under the economics knowledge tree. It’s also worthwhile crafting equipment with building boosts on, to reduce those timers even further.

Finally, think carefully about your building set up, including farms, infirmaries, barracks and manors. Having to rebuild these because you chose the wrong layout will waste a lot of time and resources.


Similar to buildings, the trick to increasing influence from knowledge fast, is to reduce your learning times and make sure you are always learning something.

As with building boosts, you should max learning speed I and II in the Hero tree. In addition upgrading your Oracle will also boost learning speed.

Finally it is also worth crafting some learning speed items in the Forge. You can create a separate learning and construction set, as the timers for learning and building are only set at the start of the build. Once the timers are running, you can switch equipment and still keep the original boosts.


Increasing Hero levels in Vikings War of Clans, increases your influence. Therefore you need to maximize the rate of experience your hero earns.

The best way to do this is by upgrading your Hero’s Abode. Each upgrade level increases the amount of xp your Hero gets from quests. If you can hold off completing as many of the building and learning quests as possible, until you have a high level Hero’s Abode, you will be rewarded with significantly more experience for the same quests. This means your Hero will level much quicker, earning you influence faster.

Finally, higher VIP levels reward you with more tasks whilst VIP is active. If you can get to VIP level 7 or 8, you unlock the ability to auto complete tasks, allowing you to complete multiple tasks instantly.


Quest influence is rewarded simply by completing Building, Warrior,or Knowledge quests.

A good set of beginner’s quests is to build four of each type of building, including: Farm, Mine, Stone Quarry, Lumber Mill, Infirmary, Manor and Barracks. Building just 4 level 1 buildings of each type rewards you with a quest, earning influence and resources.


Finally as mentioned above try not to rely on troops too much, as the influence can easily be lost if your warriors are killed.

You will need some kind of army whilst leveling in order to gather resources. One of the main ways to offer some protection to your troops, is by keeping your infirmary beds above your troop numbers. This means if your town is attacked you can quickly heal your troops and regain the lost influence.

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This is way outdated. Citadel and aesir add way more influence than what builds were like when this was first posted.