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Resource spots

May 4, 2017, 09:0705/04/17

Resource spots

This guide is part of the bigger guide that I'll add later.

Resource spots, also known as "tiles" are randomly generated on the Global Map. They can be conquered to gather specific resources for your Town. Each resource spot has its own level which can be between 1 and 6. The highest the level, the better are the qualities of materials available and the yielding speed (see tables below for quantities and yielding speeds). There are seven types of resource spots:

  1. Farmlands generate food; 
  2. Lumberjacks' Shed generate lumber; 
  3. Hewer's Camp generate stone; 
  4. Iron deposits generate iron; 
  5. Silver altar generate silver; 
  6. Gold fields generate gold; 
  7. Gold of Gods appears after the Kingdom's Battle event in the winning Kingdom for 5 days thereafter. 

Level 7 special tiles appear after Kingdom's Battle Revenge event in the winning Kingdom for 5 days thereafter. Although quite rare, they seem to appear randomly everywhere in the Global map but don't respawn.

Invaders Lairs tiles

Of the first 6 types listed above (that is, excluding Gold of Gods), there is tiles created when an invader are killed. These works in the same way as ordinary tiles, but the rewards are materials that can be used to create Hero equipment of the invader type.

Yielding capacity

The number of troops sent to the resource spot as well as their capacity determines the amount that will be generated at the resource point. Troop capacity can be boosted by knowledge but much more so by the right Hero equipment. When you achieve a strong army, it is quite easy to completely wipe any level resource spot with a single trip.

Bonus materials

When you generate resource at a resource spot, you have a chance of obtaining specific Materials. The chance gets higher as the amount yielded grows as each tile has a chance to contain at least one material. Level 6 tiles has close to 100% chance to contain at least one material and the chance goes down with each tile level. You can never get more than one material with one unique yield.

Quality of the materials obtained that way depend on the level of the resource tile : up to legendary for level 6 tiles, epic for level 5 tiles, rare for level 4 tiles, unusual for level 3 tiles, usual for level 2 tiles, simple for level 1 tiles.

Bonus items

You also get one bonus item for each resource spot you finish completely. The higher the amount you yield, the better is the quality of this bonus item. Usually, you will get: accelerators, up to 3-hours, bonus amounts of lumber, stone, iron, food and silver, between 7500 to 250K that are nice to have after a strong attack on your Town, but you can also get 100-200 Hero energy refill bottles or 25K experience tomes for your Hero.


You can see on the Global Map page that resources get better levels the more they are close to the very center of the map where the place of power lays. When you get away from the center, the resource spots levels goes down to level 1 on the border areas of the map.

It seems (but must be further tested and reported) that the game generates more resource tiles when there are more players around and when they are more heavily used. It takes a few days to see the benefits.

Resource tiles are regenerated faster near the middle of the map than at the edges. It is completly random where a tile may appear but it seems like there are set areas where one type seems to be more common than others

Attacking and scouting

You can attack troops already gathering resources at a resource spot, although it may not be considered a good practice in most kingdoms. Some clans may indicate that they are against "Tile hitting" and this rule should be followed to avoid unnecessary wars. Massive tile hitting in a realm results in difficulties for all clans and players to progress. In other kingdoms tile hitting may be the rule of thumb since that prevents the enemy to heal the troops killed and it may help starve the enemy clans by not giving anyone a chance to farm in peace.

Note that you can't steal any resource when you attack a resource spot and you can't heal troops lost attacking or defending a resource spot neither.

Scouting a resource tiles are always successful and the scouted party will never notice he/she have been scouted. Therefore it is enough to send just one scout to succeed.

Yielding speed

The total yielding speed of the tile is the same for every resource spot of the same level, meaning that food will be the fastest to gather, followed by lumber and stone (same speed), iron, and silver the slowest. Gold has different timing mechanisms which is an average yielding speed of 1 gold per 10 minutes without any boost to gold yielding speed. 

Yielding speed (often referred to as just Yielding) can be boosted by Daily Events (10% on Mondays and Thursdays), knowledge (up to 60%) and with hero skills. With both hero skills for resource yielding speed boosted to the maximum (35 skill points), resource yielding speed is boosted by 200% which means yielding speed is 3 times faster. On a typical level 6 tile, it means that you can generate 1M lumber or stone in about 2 hours with your hero (and the right amount of troops, of course).

Please note that gold yielding speed is unaffected by hero skill and yielding speed knowledge. The only way to increase gold yielding speed is by researching the specific gold yielding speed knowledge under the Economy tab.

As you can see on this table , there is a huge yielding speed gap between levels 1-4 resource spots and level 5-6 resource spots. Therefore, it is much encouraged to farm on level 5 and 6 resource tiles if you want to build good quantities at a reasonable pace.

Next time we'll talk about Resource buildings.

May 5, 2017, 09:2105/05/17

WOW! Cool. Dude, you're crazy! It's too hard for me to write smth big like this. Respect you

May 20, 2017, 14:4705/20/17
When these resource spots are empty, do they replenish?
May 25, 2017, 18:1505/25/17
SteelTorin said:

WOW! Cool. Dude, you're crazy! It's too hard for me to write smth big like this. Respect you

LOL thats just copy&paste from WIKIA 
Mar 18, 2018, 05:2703/18/18
Badaxe said:

When these resource spots are empty, do they replenish?
Yes they do but somewhere else not at the same spot
Mar 18, 2018, 21:0703/18/18

Crime said:

Badaxe said:

When these resource spots are empty, do they replenish?
Yes they do but somewhere else not at the same spot
Which is why I get annoyed with people who leave a few k on lv. 6/7 rss spots as they don't get replenished until they are completely drained and disappear.

Apr 3, 2018, 04:4504/03/18

pandastout88 said:

Which is why I get annoyed with people who leave a few k on lv. 6/7 rss spots as they don't get replenished until they are completely drained and disappear.
yeah it sucks but if yield those remaining k on tiles then u definitely get something out of them just for clearing them which is way much good. Lately out of 7 tiles having 60-110k left over stuff i got 2 legendary materials. which is more useful...:)
Sep 17, 2021, 20:0109/17/21

how do you capture a resource spot and what is the point?

Sep 17, 2021, 23:5309/17/21

If its within range ,it will be on your watch tower list, if not you will have to 'go there'and follow one of several features. 

Capture for collecting resources.

Offense for attacking/ fighting the occupant.

Send scouts to find out what the occupier has sent.

After clicking any of these options a window will appear and you can select and send a march of whatever troops you want.