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Types of Traps-House

Types of Traps-House

Sep 3, 2019, 20:2909/03/19

Types of Traps-House

After a lot of research I've come to the conclusion of two main types of trap-houses. BOTH trap houses will have 18 Infirmaries and a mixture of Stone Quarries, Mines and farms that you deem fit the extra bonuses once you reach the gold nugget stages. As for gems Total DEF/HP are your main priorities since you want your meat shield to defend your clans higher attacking troops. The 3rd gem in each gear will vary depending on what troop you use and what type of trap house you will be using. War blocs is a must as well or else your trap-house will not work. as for your knowledge you will focus on anything with Onslaught, Infirmary, Enemy troop decreases, shaman troop and hero troop buffs.

Singular Trap-House: You will want 1 main troop and scouts to help protect yourself. Ideally you will raise your Valkyries and Tier troop training too 3/4 so your meat shields will kill more while defending. Focus on the shaman matching your troops and gear appointed for those troops as well. This setup is a bit more time consuming since you have to farm a lot more invaders to get the gear however you will help your clan kill a lot more troops this way. Other Knowledge you want with this is to increases stats for that troop type. This setup is a lot less complicated but you have to use more hero stamina for gear.

Universal Trap-House: Your troops and Tier Training will not be higher then T1. You will want your 1st Valkyries to be scouts to help defend your troops better and 4 other types of troops. I'd recommend you not too use killers since Melee is the most used troop. For hero gear focus on getting Lynx and for Shaman gear (head,body,boots) focus Total def but alternate between 3 of your troop types, following with two Drum of Assaults. Shaman's Weapon will be focused on Total Health and the troop you want to do the most damage, also match your Runes to this troop type. This set of Gear is less time consuming and offer nearly 50% less than the other build however the weakness attacks will help this. As for your shaman you want only Rainer, boosting a single troop type of T1 is useless also the amount of stats they will lose is better then the amount your would gain.

I recommend Singular Trap-House for lower clans or if you want to get more score for kills quicker and Universal Trap-House for clans with bigger players since the Drum of Assault's will allow an extra 1million at 35. I will however recommend that both types Valkyries to use Scouts first since you can only have help with reinforced scouts, this will help so enemy would think your army is week and go in blind against clan.