You can do legendary standard equipment

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16 October, 2018, 8:14 AM UTC

At the beginning, we all wondered what should we craft first. I saw a lot of questions ,,should I craft legendary standard equipment?" or ,,should I craft usual invader equipment before crafting legendary?". Well I will answer most of those questions.

First of all I personally think is a waste to craft legendary standard equipment, because it doesn't give you such a big bonus, comparing to the invaders equipment. I crafted unusual standard equipment and started to gather material for legendary equipment. But that's a personal preference. You can do legendary standard equipment, and after that go for legendary invader

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16 October, 2018, 1:23 PM UTC

Apologies  if needed.


When I read this post I thought this seems familar, I was only reading much the same yesterday, fortunately I had saved the link because though its an old topic ,I had intended respondig to it,

Here is the link.

As you could find out its just a cut(edited) and copy and paste version of the same thing,and is what appears to be another example of something being copied and pasted as a new topic.

Question is.Why?

Though it could of course it could have been copied by the orignal topic creator, I dont think it was, where is the need? 

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