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8 May, 2018, 8:44 PM UTC

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If you want to make an important building or knowledge upgrade, I suggest you wait until you have the following time boosts:

1- Certain days of the week you will find 10% boost for building / knowledge in events.

2- If your kingdom has won the last battle between kingdoms (KVK), you will have an additional 10%.

3- If your clan has won last CVC, all the players of your clan who have scored at least 1 point in it, receive a TOWN SKIN boost for 5 days called Bastion of the Beast with a 10 % boost for upgrades.

(So you can add an impulse of 30%. You can check it in your palace: Statistics ---> General information).

4- Hero's equipment that enhances those improvements is very important. I will not list all the possible equipment, but a couple of very important items that you can find in AMULETS in Standard equipment. If it is a building, it is convenient that you manufacture 2 Victor's bracelets* of the highest possible level and add the indicolite gem, which you can find attacking the Lombard uberinvasor mainly. To make those items, you will need Debris, that you can get farming lumber and silver for example.

If it is a knowledge improvement, you can make two Falcon figurines (you will need 2 diamonds, glass and elixir), and add aquamarine gem, which you can achieve by attacking the uberinvasor Picto.

* Yes, you can have the same amulet twice.

Also you can make helmets, armours, etc., and, if you want better (more boost) but harder to get equipment, you can make Special equipment. 

5- Knowledge ---> Economics (for building updrades). Try to improve all the knowledge you can related to the level that your city allows you in BUILDING I and II. For KNOWLEDGE, ORACLE itself boosts upgrades depending of its level.

6- HERO SKILLS: create a distribution of points in the hero's skill tree by maximizing the points located in Learning speed I and II and Building I and II, and in Construction cost and Learning knowledge cost.

7- SHAMANS too: BAGGI for building and INGA for knowledge upgrades.

8- Add a last boost that you may have got from events rewards or in a pack from a bank offer, 30 % or 35 % for instance. This boost is very important because acts like a "final momentum" , not like a percentage that is added in a formula that makes it relative.

Now you can start your upgrade, and:

9- Clan help will boost a lot your upgrade too.

One more tip about upgrades and boosts: if you want to score in CVC, for example, with the influence of your upgrade, you can take advantage too from some bonuses that appears in events some days a week. You can use time boosts with this bonus of 10% added to accelerations and leave just some hours so the end of your upgrade can be done in CVC time.


Try to move always in horizontal. Speed of hero or troops is the same in horizontal or vertical, but distances in vertical are double of what you see, so you will need double time to walk the way you are watching than in horizontal. Just check coordinates distribution and you will see what I mean.

Enjoy a good play.

ID: 21332362

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