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General Tips and Tricks (Proguide)

General Tips and Tricks (Proguide)

May 7, 2018, 21:4405/07/18

General Tips and Tricks (Proguide)

Hi everyone, I’ve been at the grind for a little over a month and a half but I’ve definitely noticed some good tricks for you guys to use.

Just Starting Out:

When you first start please connect either Google Play, Facebook, or to Game Center so if an accident happens like deleting the app, you can easily restore your account.

Youwill then want to just complete the tutorial and get that over with, and then get some troops going, enough so that you can gather some materials around you semi-quickly. And get a nice base of supplies stashed in your town.

There is a bit of debate with this strategy I provide but either one has its pros and cons, and that is leveling up and focusing on building your palace over anything else or leveling up your other buildings with your palace. Now focusing on building up your palace has a very good pro, that is if you’re in a clan, the higher your palace is the more people that can help you that are in your clan. And by help I mean taking 1% or 1 minute off of building/knowledge times, which will help a lot in the future. So that is why you might want to, while you’re still small, level every building up together instead of focusing just on the palace so you can get knowledge going, have a decent stream of supplies every hour, and train more troops, etc.

Make sure everything is leveled up to level 5 I believe before using your Great Relocation, because once you go to Palace Level 6, you lose it and are unable to move within or to another kingdom. So before you use the Great Relocation, see how active your Kingdom is and how many towns it has, an active Kingsom is usually better but an inactive Kingdom can be good too (but usually isn’t). An active Kingdom is good for Active Clans, people you can attack, low-health invaders (so you can snipe them up), tons of Invader Lairs at varying levels, conversations with other people, these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. But some cons can be that you will get attacked more often, people can snipe your low health invaders, more likely to be attacked while collecting resources, you will have to be shielded constantly so you don’t lose troops/resources, Clan battles and Kingdom battles are super hectic, congestion of towns, and those are also the ones I could think of right now. But in a Low Pop. Kingdom you might not have to worry about being attacked if you become friends with the other clans, gather resources without worry, attacking invaders without worry of them being sniped up, more space, can farm resources off of dead towns ( people who don’t play anymore), and maybe some others. But then you lose almost all the pros of an active Kingdom. So my recommendation is look for a nice active Kingdom.

You’ll want to save up some real money to buy a Starter Pack or Beginners Pack that gives you some essentials, like a little bit of everything. And some gold so you can buy shields and other stuff! And be on th lookout in the Bank offers for packs that give you like over 1 million gold and tons of other supplies at a really cheap cost, they are the most worth for your money!

Use a basic Relocation, not the Great Relocation, and put yourself near the Level 1 invaders, Ghosts, and Respurce locations so you won’t be spending minutes trekking across the map because Time IS Money.

When attacking invaders, take advantage of the Sustained Attacks, they go up in percentage of damage each time you attack instead of using all of your attacks at once, and take out the low-health invaders first before full-health ones because you can get 1-9 items once an Invader is destroyed.

Join a Clan:

You definitely want to join an ACTIVE clan as soon as you start your journey as a Viking, the sooner you join a clan the more help you receive and help you can give others. A clan not only provides help like shaving off minutes or even months off of timers but they also give you a sense of friendship and trust of others. You may find someone in your clan that will just give tons of resources to others for FREE! But just make sure you’re helping the Clan too, like giving your excess resources to your Clan members, helping build the Clan Stronghold (if it’s not already built), giving excess resources to the Stronghold so they can create other goods inside the Stronghold, and participating and getting points for your Clan during Clan vs. Clan wars.


When starting, browse through and see which armor pieces appeal to you the most in terms of bonuses and save towards a Simple, or Usual version of it first so you can get some easy bonuses for yourself. Once you do that, you can either save up for the next level of that item/items, or what I’m doing, saving up for the Legendary pieces of armor which will take many pieces of materials, just for one piece of Legendary armor/weapon. And when you have a basic set of armor, add a Gem or two that give some more bonuses as well.


Make sure you’re completing them! These are easy ways for experience for your Hero/Shaman, materials for armor, Gems for armor, and Resources. The higher your V.I.P level is the more tasks you’ll receive to complete and eventually you get more bonuses like, Task autocomplete, food consumption decrease, resource production bonuses, training time bonuses, and building/knowledge bonuses, plus others! But overall easy things to do for things that’ll really help you out.

General Tips/Lifehacks to Use:

When buying shields with gold, go to the “Items” tab on the bottom left part of your screen, and scroll down while inside the “Item Store” until you see “Retreat, Large Coffer”, for 3,250 gold you get a 24-Hour Shield, a Relocation, Change Name, and Rename Town. But if you were to buy a 24-Hour Shield and a Relocation from the tab on the right of your screen in the middle of the 3 buttons, it would cost you 1500 gold for the 24-Hour Shield and 3000 gold for the Relocation, that is some big savings!

You may also like buying some of those Standard Coffers, for boosts, you get a nice set of boosts that’ll come in handy for those early upgrade timers. 

Make sure you have aTown Skin on at all times, you can buy these by going to that same middle tab on the right, and going to the “Developement” tab, and buy a 3000 gold 7-day Warriors Fortress, you get some decent boosts to skills for building/knowledge/training and towards your Hero. 

Use Resource Yielding boosts to lessen those waiting times while collecting, it’s a small tip but one I was not taking advantage of, and make sure you use all of it as in using it efficiently for that whole hour.

Be prepared when buying the troop packs in the store, that those troops need a lot of food for upkeep and can immediately put your food resources in the hole, like instead of making 5000 food per hour, you’ll be losing -1,000,000+ food PER HOUR!

When attacking people in a clan you can click on their town or their picture and click on their shield that’s on the left of their profile picture and it’ll take you to their Clan Info, and here you can then go to the “Membership” tab and browse the list of members and find someone you’re confident that you can attack and click on them and then you’ll see the coordinates of their town, click on it and there you’ll see where they’re located, than teleport next to them(if they have no shield) OR next to wherever they’re collecting resources and then ATTACK them, and as soon as your troops have hit the town or resource location, SHIELD UP by going to the middle tab again, and either scrolling down until you see “Peace Shield” and putting it on that way or tapping it and select the little star imprint on the top right of each one and now it’ll be Favorited, so once you click that middle tab again your Favorites pop up first and can be super quick to put up your shields!

Always make sure that before bed you have a building and knowledge being upgraded, warriors training or healed, and have used all of your Hero/Shaman’s energy.

Share tips you may find with your Clanmates, help everyone be more effective!

I recommend using a Shaman (you unlock Shamans at Palace Level 12)that has specific bonuses for that specific type of troop and focus on leveling up the skills for that specific type of troop first in the Oracle before others. (I am now using Ulf btw)

Remember that your coordinates for your town is available for anyone to see as well, so you can always be found!

And remember to change the name of your Town, Hero, and Profile name, so you’re not just “player_111111111”

Use building or knowledge boosts before you’re about to do a bunch of upgrades so you can maximize boosts.

Buying the V.I.P packs are very useful because the higher your level is the higher your “Free boost of the action in progress” gets, so like each when my building/knowledge timers get down to 35 minutes left I get a free boost each time because of my level.

Take advantage of the Holiday season because our guys at Plarium usually have Holiday specific invaders that give HUGE rewards for killing them! Always remember!

And remember to have fun as well, it’s not a game if you’re not having fun!

I hope you guys got some good tips that I’ve found by trial and error and will help you save in time, resources, and money! Hope you guys the best, Reese The Cleaver

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