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Proguide     One click shield up

Proguide One click shield up

May 7, 2018, 09:3105/07/18

Proguide One click shield up

This tutorial is for intermediate players.

After studying the tutorial you will:

1.  Be able quickly and easily to check the remaining life of your shield;

2.  Be able to put up a new shield in one click; and

3.  Be able to retreat troops yielding in a dangerous location in one click


First go to Boosts then Military (bottom of window). Now click on the small arrow beside Peace Shield.  In the window which opens click on the star beside the peace shield of your choice, 8 hours, 24 hours ... whatever.

Now you have made that item a favorite.

Return to your town and click on Global Map.  At this point you are two clicks away from putting up a new shield.  To do that you would click (or use the "B" keyboard shortcut) on Boosts and then on "Buy and apply".  But maybe you fear a very swift attack and want to have the shield ready in one click - quicker still and less chance to fumble.  So here is the clever part.  Do not sit outside your town looking for the coming attack.  Prepare for it.  First move your cursor a little away from your town, this is so that the town and tiles immediately around it are not obscured.  Now click on Boosts.

Voila - the illusive one click shield up revealed.  You sit with the window open awaiting the attack.  When the enemy town appears immediately next to yours or the grey dotted lines appear, one click on "Buy and apply" and the shield is up and the enemy left to wander away, tail between their legs.

As an additional benefit, with the shield made favorite, to check the status of your shield from time to time when playing all that is required is one click on Boosts.  Whether a shield is up and the length of time remaining is displayed towards the top of the window.


SAFE YIELDING IN DANGEROUS PLACES (aka the Get a Life technique)

So you are yielding in a dangerous location, say on a Gift of the Gods tile close to the enemy Place of Power.  You know that the enemy WILL try to attack you there or, at least, drive you off the tile.  Your troops must be ready to run at a moment's notice.   How to shorten the chain of commands?

Well the technique is similar to the quick, shield up, technique.  But it depends on the "Retreat" window rather than the "Boosts" window.
This is what you do.  Once your troops are ensconced on the tile, move your cursor to one side.  As before this is so that the tile and those immediately around it will not become obscured.  Now you could wait, vigilantly watching for the expected attack just two clicks away from saving your troops - "Cancel" then "Return".  But let us prepare for the expected attack by shortening our lines of communication.  Let us make it one click.  So what we do further to prepare is now to click on "Cancel".  This does not cause your troops immediately to cease yielding and head for the Mead Hall.  Rather they continue to yield and a window pops up offering " Return".  It is when the Return button is clicked that your troops immediately leave the tile.

So you sit with the "Cancel" button already clicked and with your cursor hovering conveniently close to "Return". When the enemy town appears right beside the tile or the grey lines appear you are ready to order your troops to safety in just one click.  Leaving the enemy to wander off frustrated with their tails between their legs (AGAIN, HA!).

Just yesterday I was chased from Gift of the Gods tiles a dozen times by the enemy King, with influence 100 times my own, and not once did he bring my men to battle.  Of course I chose just exactly that moment to go and make a cup of coffee when another person attacked and my poor troops were finally brought to battle and the ragged survivors sent packing.

If you are willing, however, to dedicate the time it takes (and if so you really should consider getting a life) this technique is guaranteed to work.  I have not faced someone using a bot but I rather think even then the one click would prove fastest.

So there you have it.  I hope you continue to have fun playing Vikings: War of Clans and that this tutorial will prove to have been of some use.

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Where is the guide? :(
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Sep 1, 2018, 02:05(edited)

Who needs a guide with the ridiculous favorites menu making it impossible to snipe tile-hitters!!!

Edit: er, *?!!?