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How to level up Hero faster and spend Golds efficiently!

How to level up Hero faster and spend Golds efficiently!

May 2, 2018, 02:4705/02/18

How to level up Hero faster and spend Golds efficiently!

(This tutorial is for intermediate players and for those who do not buy packs with real money.)

There is Hero in this game for a reason. It helps you to progress faster in the game. But leveling up the hero is quite tiresome. So, let's talk about how to level it faster. Also, I've included my personal tips for your convenience.

Leveling up Hero faster ( Requires 9000 golds)

1. First of all, pile up the golds that you earn in Clan Competition.

2. Buy  "Hero's Energy Restoration" from the store that costs 5000 golds. It lasts for around 8 hours and it will only take half the time to revive your hero's energy after using this boost.

3. Next, Buy "24-Hour Accelerated Training, 25%" from the store that costs 4000 golds. It lasts for 24-hours and gives you 25% more experience than you used to get normally.

4. Hit the invaders. Come back every few hours when the energy level is filled. 

5. Also,  buy Task Refreshers using Loyalty Points in the Clan Store. Always assign some tasks in the Clan Tasks so that you get some hero experience every now and then.

Personal Tips:

1.  When you open your game, before doing clan tasks or claiming completed tasks, always go to the Global Map first and hit some invaders. Then only do the clan tasks. Sometimes you might not know that your hero is leveling up and needs just some few points. It will help you to get an advantage of the hero energy that has filled overnight.

2. Do not buy the packs in the evening. Buy it only if you plan to wake up the whole night. Better buy it in the morning so you can get the most of it. 

Using Golds Efficiently

1. Do not use golds directly to boost up the upgrading time. You can use loyalty points to buy time boosts but if you have none left and you want to buy some boosts then do not buy them directly from the store. Go to the Treasure section and buy a "Boosts, Standard Coffer" or "Boosts, Large Coffer". 

2. When buying shields, do not buy the shields directly from the store. Instead, buy a "Retreat, Huge Coffer". It gives you 3 days shield with Relocation, Change Name and Rename Town items. Also, you'll save some gold this way.

3. If you plan on buying the Guard Payoff item from the Military Section and plan on using it then before applying it put that enemy in your contact list so you can track the enemy if that enemy relocates somewhere else. 

4. Last but not the least, always keep the golds piled up, you never know when you might need it. So, always think twice before you use it. 

By King Pickle Rick

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Jan 20, 2022, 19:3101/20/22

It appears this guide is no longer applicable due to revision of the Clan Store?