Missing Hero's Coffret

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12 July, 2019, 3:42 PM UTC

I had wanted to post this in a thread about missing items, but ironicallly I cannot find it.

Until a few hours ago,when I discovered they do exist,this was going to be a different question.

So I discovered a hero's coffret in a L9 tile whilst involved in the last CvC in the enemy kingdom.

It was a surprise,and it was note worthy because I had never seen one before.Was this item some how connected to the event and L9 tiles?

Later .


There was no such item in my inventory,(no I havent opened it, I would have remembered). 

There are just a few gifts of the gods.Four to be exact,and I have a feeling there should be more.

I had wondered  if hero's coffret  had been replaced by gifts of the gods,but the text hadn't been updated, and this is the question I was going to ask,but having discovered a heros coffret in a L8 tile,on a different kingdom account, I know know they still do exist.

Now I wonder.

What happened to my first discovered hero's cofffret?

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