Number field bug aka bad feature

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20 January, 2019, 11:05 PM UTC

After last update there was introduced a bug to the inputs for numbers. They vary from place to place.

How it ("should") work:

1. When input get focus, number already present should be highlighted. This way one can simply enter a new number without deleting the one present. Default "1".

2. Backspace should eventually empty input box. As in: it should be completely blank if one backspace over entire input. It should _not_ reset to value "1".

As it is now it is assumed one want a number either starting or ending with 1, which usually is not the case.

One often end up with:

  1. Focus on input
  2. Enter number, for example 2, resulting in "12" or "21"
  3. Moving cursor in front of "1"
  4. Backspace

Really inconvenient. And this is something one do a lot in this game.

A couple of examples:

#1. Worst case example: "Items"

  • The value in input is not highlighted on focus.
  • If one "Shift+ArrowKey" selected text is not highlighted
  • Backspace result in "1" as value not empty input field


1. Here "123" has been entered:

2. Here shift has been held down, and arrow-left pressed twice. (No highlighting)

3. Here "4" has been pressed, and one can see "23" was actually selected in previous point.

#2. Cumbersome and bad: "Apply RSS", "Apply boosts", "Add energy" to hero/sha, …

Here highlighting works, but:

  • Default value is not highlighted on focus
  • Backspace from end, deleting all input, result in "1", not empty field

Example of highlighted text:

Note: Selecting with pointer, which I do not use, but perhaps others, result in field being reset to "1"

As with last example. Say you are going to apply 5000 items … or 300, 250, 6000, 20000 - the default "1" has to be forcibly removed with multiple keystrokes.

Thanks for fixing this.
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21 January, 2019, 9:53 AM UTC

1 by default is really annoying;

Plarium, please, don't put anything back as before.

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5 February, 2019, 3:56 AM UTC
Thanks for fixing
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14 March, 2019, 10:33 PM UTC

Back after last upgrade.

Do you not use version control and bug trackers in your system?

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