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20 September, 2018, 4:40 AM UTC
First off I've wasted about 20k in trying to scroll through the map......when touch screen doesn't sync with game. Then I loose about 50 to 100k troops because I go to shield during an attack and the items menu freezes.......and I get attacked.....i took a screenshot of the game loading and it saying it was deleting all my unused resources I had stock piled......I haven't got some of my rewards for personal events........even though it clearly says I passed the stage.........its just a bunch of little things.....mostly getting kicked off and having to restart and I even put my account on android device because it was preferred. I get kicked all the time and get a reloading page. ......and it gets to o5% and says restart. What is going on? I've even cleared my cache and data and tried on another device. I put a lot of time into this account and want to continue to buy and play but not like this
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20 September, 2018, 8:36 AM UTC


Please note when you login the game, the data is loaded into your PC's memory - that's the game working principle. Every time the application is updated, it takes the part of RAM on your PC. This kind of failure happens in case your PC cannot load the application data due to the lack of RAM or unstable Internet connection. Try closing all not used applications and tabs in your browser before launching the game. Please follow the link below to find the instruction with possible steps to solve this situation:

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