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Helheim Floor 10 Node 7

Helheim Floor 10 Node 7

Feb 27, 2021, 19:3402/27/21
Mar 1, 2021, 12:18(edited)
Ivar Marksman

Hello Isildur!

I assure you that all our players are in the same in-game conditions. Please be more active in the game or ask other Jarls for advice in order to pass the particular node💪🙂

I wish you a great game and glorious victories!

Hello Ivar Marksman admin off this forum,

To react on your comment first this, i have to use this accout be course you banned my main account for 4 years off this forum be course i tried to be active in finding new clanmembers on a way Plarium doesnt like. Im still banned as we speak.

Allready a few years further and many more euro's , so very active in my opinion. Im also strugeling with Hellheim Floor 10 node 7 too, 2 stars done (allready with champion lvl 47) , many and many try's later , very active and many marks and euro's spend but no 3 stars. 

To get 3 stars on node 7 , you can try 10x a day (after 10x you have to wait 24 hours) , each try takes 15/20 minutes, so when you try 150x to get 3 stars , you need to sit daily for at least 2,5 hours and this for 15 days long. Im so active I cant play anymore .... 

So.... it seems you peeps develloped a gambeling game , is there not a law for ? gambeling is not gaming, Hellheim floor 10 node 7 has nothing to do with skills ,gear or whatever a game should be. Gambeling is not legal for young people and Hellheim is a money sucking slotmachine , no more no less. 

And yes my motivation goes down, so my activity from this kind off game play too. Perhaps we better start a legal procedure against this way off gaming, thats active enough for Plarium? At the end you can ask yourself , what the Hellheim Plarium think she is doing? This is only for the few ?

 Plarium doesnt explane how this algoritme works what make you win becourse its a slot machine... You put 150 times all your effort in it and the 1 after you wins the jackpot after 3 or 4 try's ....

Btw ... i recieved beowulfs headband allready 2x 😂 It doesnt make any difference.

Green,blue or red foe ?  I have green ones who chop 5K off my health the first step i do in node 7 but i did get 0,0 damage at all at the end Boss...  It makes no sense at all,thats for sure.






After a lot off talking with players who realy finished Hellheim , this should be the winning configuration. There is a small thing to remember, you have 58.459 health, you can only win when you finish with 29.229,5 health. When you see you cant win, be course your health is under this number... leave node and start all over. Most people I talked with and who wrote on this forum had succes after 3 or 4 try's ....  Not me but we keep on going ...

Mar 1, 2021, 17:2003/01/21
Mar 10, 2021, 02:53(edited)


stats after beating Floor 10 node 7

Mar 1, 2021, 17:2203/01/21
Mar 10, 2021, 03:01(edited)


used a balanced build from lvl 25. my champ was around 30% health, 80% of runs when doing node 7.  Two of my runs they were missing my champion Alot, then i found empty rooms and chests, one of these 2 cleared 50%+. Have to wait for RNG gods

Mar 7, 2021, 10:2303/07/21


used a balanced build from lvl 25. my champ was around 30% health, 80% of runs when doing node 7.  Two of my runs they were missing my champion Alot, then i found empty rooms and chests, one of these 2 cleared 50%+. Have to wait for RNG gods

Hai Brtitanic,

I used your build and finished Hellheim, however it took me 50X before i could finish it.

Thx for you build !! Cya in Jot? 😁

Mar 7, 2021, 18:2003/07/21

Thanks a lot to all having posted in detail the builds allowing to pass the node.

You gave me hope again, to continue with 10.7 instead to abandon it.

I'm now working with some builds very near to that of Kerri, but also with the other suggestions (i.e. some more strength and intuition). 

It seems me that configurations near to Kerri with a lot of dodge are bringing me more far. At least it's my impression, because the results are very different.

I've seen also some differences between attempts:

- much difficult with the first attempts of the daily cycle (e.g. 1st attempt I don't reach 2*, often no 1*)

- increasing difficult (less chests, less empty rooms, more archers) in attempts from 2 to 4.

- decreasing in the last part of the daily budget (attempts between 6 and 10), allowing currently to reach my best result with 2* and 37% health (attempt 9)

- increasing difficult, when no Helheim attempts on day before has been done...

Maybe it's just all pure chance. As the matter of fact, the best results obtained until now are quite similar for different builds and are all related to better conditions (more empty rooms or chests).

The compontent of luck (a good algortithm should be unpredictable, and Plarium developed one very very good) is huge and until now is playing against me. I never encountered lucky configurations (a lot of empty rooms or chest or "gentle" bosses). A boss usually consumed more than 10% of the health, only one time 5,9%, but with only two rooms empty and only one chest.

I think is now a question of endurance: I have only to continue, continue, waiting a lucky combination to pass the node.

Mar 9, 2021, 20:1903/09/21

It is becoming increasingly less understandable to believe that 10.7 is equal to all. I've been trying to beat this level for months with varying gear sets and point distributions, all at level 50. Lots of wasted time and not very enjoyable at all. I've mirrored many other members sucessful ventures to no avail. I'm in my 5th year of playing this game, and continue to support the game, but I'm finding this Helheim adventure to be a deterrant to continue. I'm not buying the "ask other members for help or spend more time in the game", because I have done both, ad nausea. Call it luck or chance or whatever sounds feasible, but the bottom line is there should be closure of this level before we no longer enjoy playing it. Nobody's luck should be this bad, especially when compared to other's "luck", see statistics. 


Mar 10, 2021, 03:2503/10/21

Wile the last node is Rng. I think you should try keeping your build where your average health is highest after finishing. Say 25-30% after clearing last room. Then just wait for the run where they miss like crazy and pray. I do think its a big middle finger to the hard working players that is not needed as we come back to helheim for the big boosts anyway.

Mar 10, 2021, 14:2603/10/21

They could just as easily give these boosts somwhere else, but of course those that want to try to upgrade equipment may have to come here for Helhein Fire.

Mar 18, 2021, 18:5903/18/21

Today I was able to finish node 10.7 on the 122nd attempt (considering only those to get 3 *). I ended up with 53.68% health.

I publish the equipment and statistics. As you can see it is a similar version, but different from all yours. In fact, I've tried them all and documented and compared them in a spreadsheet.

I found no substantial differences in the likelihood of achieving success (ending with 50% energy). I only recorded statistical fluctuations and for 121 attempts I never exceeded the 75% probability of success.

Then suddenly a node full of empty rooms, chests and not too bad enemies...

This confirms what is clear from the forum: immediate or delayed success is a matter of luck.

So? Are 122 attempts a gemer's torture? I mean not. A game must have an unpredictable component and in my opinion they have succeeded in full. I can't say it's funny. Helheim is a suffering that distracts from the real game.

However, it pays off amply. The rewards and powers are so juicy that they keep from abandoning Helheim's torment and carry it to the end.





Mar 19, 2021, 16:2903/19/21

sigo opinando la mismo. Es una mierda!!!!

Porque a unos jugadores les sale enseguida y lo consiguen sin llegar a subir el Heroe a nivel 50 y otros tenemos que estar entrando cientos de veces y no vemos forma de conseguirlo?

Cambien esto, suban el tope del nivel del Heroe, creen articulos con mas poder para equipar al Heroe... Lo que sea. Todo menos una decisión de Plarium diciendo a ti si, a ti no.

Permitan que toda la gente activa pueda conseguir terminar el nodo VII. Si son tan importantes los beneficios de terminar Helheim los que no lo consigamos tendremos que irnos del juego al no poder competir contra los que tuvieron suerte de ser los elegidos.

Mar 19, 2021, 21:5303/19/21

Luck?? LUCK???

I think its changed under the radar......... I'm sure, This is now Gambling, Spend your money place your bets, take a chance, cross your fingers, say a few prayers. Cuss and swear do not pass go do not collect 3 stars. Now do it all over again. 😂😂😂

Happy days (dare I say it) Good Luck. 🌟⭐🌟

Mar 20, 2021, 17:1903/20/21

I can't really complain about node 10.7.

Vikings is not a pure strategy game, but also a fighting game, where I have to be uncertain about the outcome.

Each unpredictable algorithm translates into luck for those who pass quickly and bad luck for those who pass late. Is that gambling? I think not really.

My 122 attempts bored me to death, but in the end I got what I wanted.

Are so many? They are few?

It doesn't matter, in the end I made it.

Plarium did not choose you do not pass and you pass, it simply made the passage of node 10.7 unlikely.

In the rest of Helheim, however, it was necessary to choose the equipment and the bonuses to proceed sometimes faster (get to the chest) or with more resistance (complete a level with 3 *).

I remain of the opinion that it is not pure gamble, but an appropriate mix.

Mar 20, 2021, 22:1103/20/21

when you have paid enough money and lvl 50 champ and bought all the items,,  and start to get very very very bored of being in helheim,  ya might get there once ya bought some more,,,,,,,,  and if ya dont,,  ya need to buy some more stuff and then carry on with the stuff ya have not bought yet before pal bring out some more stuff for ya to buy,,,,, remember there is more stuff in ure bank account to give to them once ure stuff has run out,,  but by then ure mates stuff has already gone to there bank account and ure mates is next,,,   in all,,   bye bye bank account coz ya wont win in the end,,,  and u will get bored  

Mar 27, 2021, 03:5503/27/21

I have repeated nodes over and over again just to get teh headband, still none.  I have done Last N on L10 many many times, with never less than 15 monsters,  I have spent hundreds of thouands marks, and now I am just about to say t hell with Plarium.

Mar 28, 2021, 15:0503/28/21
Mar 28, 2021, 15:06(edited)

The frustration is understandable, but why are you still trying to get the headband if you have already finished all the nodes on every floor,or have you not completely finished, and are one of those players who believes it is necessary to get the headband to be able to finish the (current) last node of all?

Apr 11, 2021, 12:1804/11/21
Apr 15, 2021, 18:04(edited)

Oh, Mister Marksman! What do you have said?

„I assure you that all our players are in the same in-game conditions.“
Hmm, and i assure you, that you aren‘t right. They are underthrown the coincidence, but this makes the players unequal. Lucky or unlucky, is there no difference? Am i gambling or playing? No difference? What is the matter with the efforts and the works of the players? Always the same?

It seems for me, you don`t know the rules of your own game. 

Let`s have a look at it. 

In games like Vikings, which are highly determined by coincidence, you
can use the normal distribution (or gaussian distribution) as an
useful instrument for describing the probability of events.  

The distribution of probability gives you the probabilities of occurrence of different possible outcomes. You can visualize it as a function, the probability density function.
Also called, because of her shape, bell curve. 

See the following picture: 

Probability dension function


µ   expectation of the distribution, also called median, mean or expected value

σ   standard deviation 

σ2  variance of the distribution 

The standard deviation is a measure of the amount of variation of a set of values. A low standard deviation indicates that the values tend to be close to the mean or median of the set, while a high standard deviation indicates that the values are spread out over a wider range. The standard deviation is mathematically defined as the square root of variance. Variance shows the squared deviation of a random variable from its median.
It measures how far a set of numbers is spread out from their average value. That means, that more unexpected values are comprised by a high standard deviation than by a low standard deviation.
The unexpected gets normally, so to say. If the deviation has the value zero, there are no unexpected values and all values have the value of the median. 

For further informations see the articles in Wikipedia. 

What has this to do with Vikings? 

In Vikings the coincidence plays a great role. The algorithms are programmed with a high standard deviation and a high variance. So normally extreme values for coincidences are not unusual. For instances see some forumposts like „Letter to Plarium about New Equipment Upgrades“, „Helheim Floor 10 Node 7“ and others.
A high variance is helpful for plarium but not for the players. It cancels their efforts and is a form of disrespect for them. 

Therefore Plarium: Shorten the standard deviation! 

                              Cut the bellcurve at 1 standard deviation! 

                              Dont betray your players! 

                              Respect the efforts of your players!

Apr 11, 2021, 14:5504/11/21

Take this path.... Note the Boss picture has been added. 



Apr 14, 2021, 08:1304/14/21

Finished  10.7  with  ***  twice.

Initially  replicated  Tedesco  gear/spec,  but  was  0/128.    Only  came  close  3-5  times.

So  then  switched  to  most  commonly  posted  gear  set  (Beowulf  Headband;  Spellbound  Flail;  Enchanted  Trim;  Bewitched  Breastplate;  Northern  Bulwark;  Durable  Boots),  and  ended  up  borrowing  JoeTheFirst's  specs  with  2616  Strength;  5233  Agility;  2616  Intuition;  and  26  Vitality  (ergo  female champion).  Got  first  ***  on  45th  try.    Then  decided  to  see  how many  to  repeat,  and  got  second  ***  on  199th  try.    So  2/199  overall.     Came  close  about  10%  of  the  time.

In  my  analysis,  latter  set-up  yielded  significantly  better  chances.    In  about  10%  of  runs would stay  above  50%  while surviving  Boss  plus  10  or  more  additional  enemies.    Then  just  needed  luck  for  one  of  these  runs  to  coincide  with  easier  draw.    For  both  ***,  had  9  empty/chest  and  only  11  enemies.    For  1st  ***  Had  3  T3,  5  T4,  2  T6,  and  Boss.  For  2nd  ***,  had  4  T4,  4  T5,  2  T6,  and  Boss.

Helped  to  get  empties,  low-grade,  and  non-range.    If  you  draw  a  T6  range,  then  almost  impossible  to  get  ***.

Finished  Helheim  in  7  weeks.    Got  2nd  ***  17  days  after  getting  the  1st.

Apr 14, 2021, 15:1704/14/21


That silly Vitality aspect suggesrs a programming glitch (minus for plus maybe) although the sample is so tiny as to undermine any speclation.

Apr 15, 2021, 00:4804/15/21

Unless there is something hidden about the female champion that I do not know about, I would say that, 

 your quote of,

' 2616  Strength;  5233  Agility;  2616  Intuition;  and  26  Vitality  (ergo  female champion)'  fails , 

There is nothing to stop a player rearranging the distribution of skills on either of the champions.