Shaman Skill Cards

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14 April, 2020, 7:56 PM UTC

Does anyone have an answer to this question concerning shaman skill cards ?

This is about the warrior shamans.  Not Baggi or Inga or the abilities of the shamans, just the skill cards.

Each warrior shaman is troop specific with of course the included skill cards for that specific troop.

I also see the skill cards such as troop defense during defense; troop offense during defense, troop defense during an attack, etc.;  are these skill cards also troop specific or do these cards apply to any troop the shaman leads.  The wording seems vague to me concerning "troops" (any or troop specific ?) and I would like a reply from anyone who has used the warrior shaman in attack or defense.

I would assume to think (any) would apply since the warrior shaman can be equipped with any type of troop armor.  Am I assuming correctly ?

Thank you for the replies. 

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