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Jan 13, 2024, 16:5801/13/24

this game

so is this game worth playing if you dont plan to spend much money or should i just quit now

Jan 14, 2024, 06:0801/14/24

Try and find out Sir. You can play any Plarium game without spending!

Jan 14, 2024, 13:5301/14/24

I am still playing this game, even though I consider that it is not worth it.

They keep moving the goal posts so it is difficult to make headway.

There are dedicted players who spend vast amounts of time and money to reach the top requirement levels,and then having done so, spend again to win competitons and keep jostling for prestige.

It is my opnion that this type of game has a fatal flaw, and this one has the extra burden that it has a 'pay to advance faster option', and also that in the past players have manipulated the rules to their advantage and continue to benefit from having done so, and will continue to search for and  utilise new loop holes until they are curtailed by the programers.

Elements of the game mean you will most certainly be in direct competition with players who have played the game since its start in 2015.

Jan 15, 2024, 22:5801/15/24
Jan 15, 2024, 23:01(edited)

Depends entirely on how you want to play: like a farmer/forager with no interest in fighting, or seeking revenge after being seriously attacked if you unintentionally lose your protective shield. Most people get hit at some stage and resolve to improve the strength of their troops and to be competitive it usually takes a ton of game time, ... or a lot of money if you want to do it quickly.  

Feb 4, 2024, 01:0702/04/24

I did spend a decent amount of money... but when Plarium wanted me to move to their site.. they didn't move the one I had.. they gave me my old profile... just a new one from level 1  instead of Lvl 40 that I had.... and now I cant access that one...

Feb 4, 2024, 16:3402/04/24
Feb 5, 2024, 12:16(edited)

Came here to read the post above, but can't help wondering if Paul Andrews, who started the thread quit, or kept  playing.


What do you mean by,''they wanted me to move to their site?''

 Do mean load they game on Plarium Play? 

If so,I do not know how this would cause the problem with your old account, perhaps it does though if the instructions are not clear enough.

You should be able to find your old account but you may need plarium support to help you do so. I believe there are some instructions on the forum that may solve the problem otherwise open  a ticket with the support team. 

Note, you are not the first to complain about a 'lost' account, and having to start again from the beginning.

You will need to know your original log in details ,and have to prove the old account is really yours by answering a few questions.

Good luck.