Nothing but lies plarium for banning my account

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30 January, 2019, 7:08 PM UTC
so i have been inn a battle against plarium since thay banned my account for makeing outside of system purchases (i do not know how too do) and now thay are saying that its not only because of that reason but also reasons undiscribed inn ther facebook post about restoreing everyones banned account for makeing outside of system purchases how does that even make sense plarium ??? i have contacted the commonwealth ombudsmen too get me a full refund witch thay will weather it be from you or google play Australia as that is the only place i have ever purchased bank offers or packs for your game thru your vikings app from them witch is your system and i have a full purchase history to back up these should have just restored my account plarium it would have been easier and i would have still played the game and purchased bank offers or packs but now plarium you make me litterally can you do this too somone that has done no wrong whatsoever????
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