Take Advantage Of Timed Events!

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12 August, 2015, 12:09 PM UTC

Yes general I do refer to this two tournaments. Adding one more day when people play to achieve objectives and ranking for a less than two days competition is a worst mistake than the fact that the competition is shorter than usually. The one that did plan to achieve their goals and ranking for monday 11H00 UTC are of course penalized by those last minutes changes.

I also do refer to this new upgrade challenge usually starting tuesday afternoon, last one friday, this one wednesday... how the hell can someone plan 6 days upgrade with that? Just impossible. So if it becomes random, better off with it.
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12 August, 2015, 12:21 PM UTC

Commander OLIV, I appreciate your opinion, we'll do our best such things not to happen again.
As for the tournaments that are launched, you can see the dynamics that such activities are added almost every day, so they are changing in turns. As for special schedule for Timed Events, I'll think this over.

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