The Enemy Troop Takedown Tournament Has Begun!

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General T. Winters
9 December, 2016, 5:09 PM UTC

The Enemy Troop Takedown Tournament Has Begun!

Reach The Supreme Division To Win Massive Rewards!



The Enemy Troop Takedown Tournament has begun! This is a message to remind you that the Tournament has been modified to include the Supreme Division.

Here’s how it works: STRATCOM has placed similarly skilled Commanders in the same Divisions. This ensures that all Commanders have an equally fair shot at winning a top spot in their Division! The higher you place in your Division’s Rankings, the bigger your Rewards! Those who receive the most Tournament Points will receive the greatest Rewards, earning a place in the Supreme Division!

Inside the Rankings tab of the Tournament window you can find two subtabs:

1. My Division

2. Supreme Division

Inside the "My Division" subtab you can find your fellow Division Members and inside the “Supreme Division” subtab you can find a list of those Commanders who have made it to the Supreme Division!

Compete in the Tournament, get massive Rewards, and dominate!



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