New Item Available – Tapsite Gatherer!

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27 April, 2016, 3:46 PM UTC

New Item Available – Tapsite Gatherer!

Take Advantage At Tapsites!



STRATCOM R&D has developed a new Item! Using it will make dominating the Wasteland’s Tapsites easier than ever before!

Here’s the low-down:

The Tapsite Gatherer: this Item boosts the speed with which Resources are gathered from Tapsites. Remember, Commander, that in order to benefit from the boost, you will need to activate this Item before your Troops arrive at the Tapsite. Any Tapsite captured while the Item is active will benefit from accelerated Resource gathering until that Tapsite expires.

Don't scratch your eyes, Commander! Simply activate the Item and send Troops to conquer a Tapsite. They will gather valuable Resources much faster until the Tapsite expires!

Take note: The Tapsite Gatherer won't work on Tapsites that were already captured before the Item was activated, or after it expires. Consider this in your strategy, Commander!

Looks like you are going to tear through Tapsites like a Cyberdog through mutant kidneys!

Stay tuned – STRATCOM engineers are working day and night to bring you the latest advancements in post-apocalyptic technology, so more innovative Wasteland survival gear is sure to be available soon!



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