Coming soon! New Convenient Item Panel!

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13 April, 2016, 2:32 PM UTC

Manage Your Items More Effectively Than Ever! 



STRATCOM R&D has made significant improvements to your Wasteland experience! It is now possible to manage your Items from one place! From now on, you can find all your Black Market Items in the My Items panel! The new green button that has appeared on the lower left corner of your screen is your key to accessing this panel.

Here you can also see which of your Items are currently activated and how much time remains before they expire. This way, you will be kept up to date on the current status of your Items and, if an Item is expiring, have the ability to quickly extend it or buy a new one. All this is possible without even leaving the My Items panel!

Be advised: Once you have activated an Item, it will appear next to the green My Items button. If you have three or more Items active at the same time, these activation icons will replace the My Items button. In this case, you can access the My Items panel by clicking on any of these activation icons.

But that’s not all, Commander - you can also manage your Echelon Status from the My Items panel! If you want to see the bonuses that your Echelon Status provides or extend your Status, this is the place! However, you can get Echelon Points and Activators, as well as Items requiring Protocrystals, at the Black Market too.

Strengthen your forces and get new Items to make your quest for Wasteland dominance a success!



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