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The main purpose of the game is to develop your Sector, to join a strong Clan, to defeat enemies, and to fight for Resources and dominance.

Quests. You receive a lot of quests.

 First of all, we suggest that you complete the Tutorial ones. 


These quests will teach you how to play: who to raid, how to build and upgrade your Troops, etc. Moreover, they will unlock more game features and give you good rewards that you can use to progress in the game. After completing the Tutorial, you can choose the quests with bigger rewards.

Units. They protect your Sector, invade other Sectors, and help your Friends when they need it. Research Technologies and construct new Buildings to unlock new, more powerful Troops.

There are two kinds of Troops: Offensive and Defensive (with the exception of Cyborgs that have the same value for both). Click on the Unit when purchasing it to see detailed stats.

Defensive Units are essentially useless when attacking but highly effective at protecting a Sector or a Deposit. Conversely, Offensive Troops are designed to be used for attacks but have a low defense value. If your Sector has tons of Offense and no Defense - don't be surprised when you get Invaded.

There are 4 types of Troops: Infantry, Armored Corps, Artillery, and Air Force. Units of each type can be trained in a designated queue.

Note that each Unit has its own statistics against other types of Troops. 

Upgrade Technologies to improve your Troops and to enhance their statistics by up to 40%. 


You can choose either an Offensive or a Defensive strategy in the game. That, in turn, will determine the order in which you upgrade your Troops.

Clan. Clan and its members play an important role in every player’s life: your Clanmates can give you useful tips and help you in difficult situations. You may request Resources, Modules, and Reinforcements, as well simply chat with them and have fun.

Don't forget to help other members of your Clan. Moreover, always remember to follow orders of your Clan Leader.

Do not join a random Clan. It can be weak and/or inactive. Open the list of the Top Clans and choose the ones ranked 200 through 300. Send requests and messages to those recruiting new members. Indicate why you think you are a good candidate for this particular Clan and wait for the response. Starting out in a big Clan will help you learn more about the game features and get the protection every new player needs.

Bear in mind that Top Clans are unlikely to accept you since you do not have enough experience and Troops to be able to keep up with their activities in the game. Once you gain more experience, you can try your luck with the Top Clans.

Buildings. There are several types of Buildings in the game, and each is associated with a different sphere of your Sector's life. They fall under the following categories: Military, Command, Resources, Sector Improvements, Defense, and Black Market.

Constructing and upgrading Buildings will unlock new game features, give you more Resources, etc. Building are necessary for you to be able to perform basic actions such as trade, exchange Resources and Modules, declare wars, etc.  

Resource Buildings. The more  Resource Buildings you have and the higher their level, the more Resources you can produce. You need Resources to develop your Sector and to train Troops.

Remember that you do not need to upgrade all Buildings at the same time. Some of them are more important than others when you first start playing. For example, the Bunker is a place where you can secure Troops and Resources to protect them from other players, so make sure to upgrade it. Also, it would make sense to upgrade your Vaults and Mines before upgrading Banks and Warehouses so that you actually have something to store. You can see how much you are currectly producing here:  

To erect a Building, you need to access the Construction menu: 

Military Buildings. Here you can house, manage, and develop all of your Troops. Each Unit or a set of Units has its own Building, and you will find that you are required to construct certain Buildings before you can research certain military Technologies or erect more advanced military Buildings.

Defensive Buildings. There are two types of Defensive Buildings: Perimeter Defenses and Improvements.

Perimeter Defenses improve the defensive capability of all Units within your Sector. Improvements enhance the grounds of your Sector and add to your overall Perimeter Defense.

Hospital. Here you can restore the Units you lost while defending your Sector. Additionally, you can revive a certain percentage of the fallen Units for free, while the rest of them will require Crystals to revive. 

The Level 1 Hospital will let you revive 5% of your Units for FREE. Upgrading your Hospital will increase the number of Units you can recover with each Level.

Remember: reviving Units is cheaper and quicker than training a new army!

Infirmary. It is a tab in your Black Market where you can recover a certain percentage of any Units you’ve lost in combat within the last 7 days. You will need Crystals to recover them.

Please note that there is sometimes an additional discount (e.g. 75%) in the game that allows you to revive your Troops at a much lower cost.  

Technologies. You are required to develop new Technologies in order to access new types of Buildings and Troops.Construct the Research Center to begin researching new Technologies.The more you upgrade the Research Center, the faster you complete research of new Technologies.

Researching each Technology costs Uranium, Titanium, and Credits. The more advanced the Technology, the more expensive it is to research and upgrade. The cost of upgrading a given Technology also becomes progressively higher with each new level.

After a certain point, you will find that you need to acquire a set number of Modules to unlock research of a certain new Technology. You will get a new Module from your Tech Advisor every day, but you must have all the Technology-specific Modules for a given Tech before you can initiate Research. You can exchange Modules with other players to get the ones you need.

Technologies can be found here: 

Infestations. Infestations are locations in the Wasteland that have been occupied by Morgana's Mutants or temporarily held by friendly forces conducting Wasteland operations. Raid them wisely. Send defensive Troops to Defensive Infestation and vise versa. Don’t spend all your Units on them, or you will have none to fight with your rivals.

You can check the forum for some useful tips on how to clear Infestations successfully.

Artifacts. Artifacts impact different attributes for your Units and Sector. You can get them from Infestations and Deposits. You can store and activate them at the Artifact Facility 

Artifact Deposits.You can get Artifacts from this type of Deposits 

 Capture one of them and control it for at least 1 hour to begin trying to salvage Artifacts. After the first hour, you can try to detect an Artifact by clicking the 'Search' button. The longer you occupy an Artifact Site, the higher your chances of successfully detecting an Artifact for each attempt. You are allowed one detecting attempt per hour.

Artifact Deposits can be found in the Radar: 


Use Offensive Troops to capture Deposits and Defensive ones to hold them.

Remember that you can defend Artifact Deposits together with your Clanmates, friends, allies, etc.

Tapsites. Each Tapsite is dedicated to producing one of the three main types of Resources - Uranium, Titanium, or Credits - along with Crystals and Bioplasma  

The amount of Resources you can gather from a Tapsite depends on the overall carrying capacity of the Defensive Troops you have stationed there.

You will need BOTH Offensive and Defensive Troops to Capture a Tapsite, but Defensive Troops will NOT engage in the battle. All surviving Offensive Troops will be automatically returned to your Bunker. If you successfully Capture a Tapsite, Defensive Troops will start gathering Resources. The number of Resources that they can gather depends on your Units’ carrying capacity. The more Defensive Troops you send, and the bigger their carrying capacity, the more Resources you can collect!

Tapsites can be found in your Radar: 

Using Resources. Don’t log out of the game when you have more Resources than your Bunker can store - other players may be tempted to raid you. 

Always use up your Resources to upgrade Buildings, train Units, or research Technologies.

Spending Crystals. Don’t spend them at low levels since you don’t actually need them. Keep playing and you will find the best way to spend them: to revive Units, to hire new Engineers, to acquire Items, etc.

Raid. Go to the Map 

choose a Sector 

 and send off Troops 

To get Resources from Sectors you raid, send Units with higher carrying capacity 

Try to attack abandoned Sectors if you don’t want to be hit back. Abandoned bases are good since they do not have a Clan to protect them, and they have weak defenses which means your Raids are more likely to be successful.

Always recon the Sectors you wish to raid before sending Units. If your Raid was successful and you were not hit back, save the coordinates of that Sector in the Bookmarks and come back to it later.

Recon. It is better to use 1 Recon Drone at a time. If you send them all and the attempt is unsuccessful, you will have to train new ones and will have to wait until you can start raiding again.  

Trading. If you need a particular type of Resource or a Module, go to the Trade Gateway to get the ones you need in exchange for those you do not 

Global events (Missions). When you developed your Sector a little, you may start fighting for rewards in the Global Missions (Events). Bear in mind that you can earn points in some Global Missions by simply performing your usual actions such as upgrading Buildings, researching Technologies, raiding Sectors, etc. Remember that this is a good opportunity to develop your Sector and receive additional rewards. 


You can always decide whether you want to participate in Global Missions or not. But you should remember that there are also Clan Global Missions and your reputation in the Clan may depend on your performance in Clan Global Missions.

Resources and Items you receive for completing game quests will be stored in the appropriate tabs at the Black Market. Activate your Resources only when you are sure that you need them that very moment.

There are Special Missions that may also help you receive rewards for usual gameplay. You may be asked to raid Sectors, clear Infestations, collect Resources from other Sectors, etc. Don't forget to check this tab as these rewards will help you in developing your Sector.

Happy hunting, Commander! We hope these tips will help you dominate the Wasteland! 

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