Five things you should know about the Auto Troop Hider!

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18 November, 2015, 3:47 PM UTC

5 things you should know about the Auto Troop Hider:

1. You can get an 8-hour Auto Troop Hider with Crystals and a 4-hour Auto Troop Hider with Protocrystals
2. You can check the status of the Activated Troop Hider by going to the "My Items" button located near "Engage Hostiles!"
3. Once activated, this Item hides the troops you produce - along with any troops returning to your Sector - in the Bunker.
4. This item won't hide any troops that you intentionally left in your Sector.
5. The Auto Troop Hider may appear as a Reward for participation in Tournaments. Always check the list of Rewards for every Tournament!

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