The difference between a Challenge and a War

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2 October, 2015, 12:50 PM UTC

Do you and your Clan know the difference between a Challenge and a War?


- Always lasts 7 days

- The regular force limit for attacking Emitters remains in place

- There is no way to cancel a Challenge which has already been accepted


- Lasts until a Clan Member cancels it

- The force limit restrictions for attacking Emitters is removed

- If a war is cancelled, a 3-day timer appears. During this time, both Clans remain in a state of war.

- If Clan A requests to end a war, but Clan B does not respond, then the Clans will continue to be at war. In this case, Clan A may either withdraw their request to end the war or leave the request as pending.

- If Clan A requests to end a war and Clan B accepts this, the war will end.

While at War, or while taking part in Challenges, your Clan can earn Points for the following actions:

- Collecting Colony Resources

- Defeating enemy Units while defending

- Defeating enemy Units while attacking

- Collecting Resources from enemy Sectors

- Downgrading enemy Emitters

Fight together with your Clan and dominate the Wasteland!

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