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15 November, 2015, 12:49 PM UTC
ON  november 14  7;53 etc time   bas  was upset with borg because  he  removed half  his defense from emitters but still had  2 mil there ,, so he  demoted him  and when borg pulled the rest of his defense ,,   basillis  logged onto his account  and  sent his troops out  to be destroyed,, and used  his  remaining 6k crystals ,,,  and  the account was deleted ,,, i am an american player .. i live in ohio ,,  but here is  basillis  who is  from austrailia   ip address  you can look it up and  see its not  usa...  you know id expect more out of  a clan leader  but  we are talking  about basillis 
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15 November, 2015, 4:00 PM UTC

@Locutus (15 November, 2015, 12:49 PM UTC):
I find it confusing how CK-Basilius Errant le'Reaper had access to another player's account information in the first place, or how you managed to track his IP.

Though I am not in your clan, and do not know how your ranking system works, perhaps he removed more than the minimum for his rank, which caused him to be demoted.

In order to be able to retrieve the account to its former state, you must contact the Help and Support Desk with as much information as possible, such as the entire scenario.

Also, I deleted your comment in another thread because I found it slightly humiliating towards CK-Basilius Errant le'Reaper

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CK-Basilius Errant Le'reaper
15 November, 2015, 8:23 PM UTC

Howdy yall,

The real story that isnt borgs deranged and slightly worrying mental state is:

Gborg removed his army of alts from my clan, we all know who they are loctus, davy jones, pm12, baka PTSD ect.... ect.... ect....

Now at the time when we had literally 3 top 15 clans hitting our emmis i thought this to be weird, i then noticed he had pulled 70% of his defense, when i asked him about this he said his nightly builds and his rig were much more important than our emitters and that their defense would sit on his base in definitely, as a dcl he should be leading by example, how can we expect the members to defend emitters when our own dcl wont

i then demoted him temporarily and he then removed the rest of his defence and cracked the sh its with me over private message calling me a few names and saying that he was going to get me (And for those that have had him in ur clan before you know exactly where im coming from (ths, chev, gg ect...))

After this tirade of name calling and threats including of coming to Australia and hiring thugs to beat me up (he does have mental issues as discussed with all his previous clan leaders (PTSD, shellshock and adhd))

i removed him from the clan, after chatting for a bit with my guys about reshuffling defence i get messaged again one after another of GBORG on his alt loctus accusing me of hacking his account and then killing his uits and the best part accused me of hacking his credit card info and using that as well.

after trying to talk some sense into him and failing i just ignored him which ultimately meant he got even more frustrated and sent more messages

now as far as i know and this is according to plarium as a direct quote:

Social network account and account security is the sole responsibility of the account holder, and Plarium claims no responsibility or liability from any losses or damages incurred as a result of compromised login information or third party security lapses.

now im not saying i did it and seen as i don't live anywhere near Melbourne that ip must be wrong or made up but i think gborg that you should change ur passwords and not share them out with people. and when u either maliciously make this up your self or someone does to it to you that you refrain from blaming the person your angry at and instead gather some real evidence. 

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CK-Basilius Errant Le'reaper
15 November, 2015, 8:32 PM UTC
Also thank you fakeasnever, and if u get a chance can u fix my name up in the title he wrote it wrong and its driving my ocd nuts lol
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15 November, 2015, 11:23 PM UTC

If there is any evidence of these claims, especially of physical threats made against a player, please submit it to support for evaluation.  If not, please refrain from posting defamatory comments about other players in the forums. 

Also, plarium recommends that you not share your password with anyone. 

Any opinions expressed by me are my own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of or constitute official statements by Plarium.
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