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13 May, 2016, 2:48 PM UTC

Okay, so I think I'll start with feedback first:

-This game, in most aspects, is one of the best multiplayer strategy games I've played for a while. I'll be honest, I've had to restart a few times because of personal things, such as lost passwords to emails, lost email addresses, and even a little OCD... maybe. ;)

-I like the way the game feels when I play it. I like how smooth it runs, especially with me having an internet service that has God-awful latency.

-On the other hand, gameplay can get kind of repetitive and even tedious at times. One such example is the Quest system. In the construction section, it simply goes through a loop that has you first upgrade your Banks, Titanium Mines, then Uranium. The variety kicks in after you unlock a new building, but after said building is built, the resource loop starts again.

-One big issue that I have is with the Infirmary. It seems that when I lose units after attacking, I can't revive them for free. But after defending my base or a clan mates', I have the option to give them a rebirth.

So that's my feedback at the moment. As for suggestions:

-You may get this a lot, but I didn't see it on the first five pages of suggestions, so here it is: Bitcoin integration. I think if the company were to integrate Bitcoin, it would attract a new multitude of ACTIVE players. Heck, you could even implement a bit of an operation to where that "Loyal" members could even earn Bitcoin. Which moves me on to another system:

-Maybe a "Loyalty" program. Players could earn 'Loyalty Points' by doing common, and not-so-common tasks, such as leveling up, or getting a rank in the Global Top Ten. Of course, purchasing Crystals would give bonus loyalty points, but not so many that there is an unfair advantage to those that don't buy Crystals. These points could be exchanged for items in the Black Market, converted into technology modules (or even new technologies if you so prefer), and certain units.

-New Tournament types, i.e. multi-step tournaments, or even branched tournaments.

And that's about it for now, so thank you. I appreciate the time you've taken to (hopefully) read this. I'd also like comments from other players. The devs want to hear more than just one person!

     Thanks again,


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16 May, 2016, 12:26 PM UTC

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. I'm glad to know that you like our game and find it one of the most exciting ones in the genre.

And I'm sorry to hear that you had to start over again because of lost passwords/emails, etc. I would like to inform you that our Support Team can help you in such cases, reset your password or set you another email. Please feel free to contact them if you ever have the same issue again.

We have also improved our loading process with one of the last updates - now you don't need to wait till the game loads, you can start interacting with buildings sooner. I hope you're enjoying that part.

As for the repetitive content, we cannot avoid it as this is the strategy game, and your Sector development is one of the most important parts of gameplay. 

As for your suggestions:

1) We are currently not considering the idea of integration with Bitcoin system, and we accept only legal payment methods, which are regulated by law.

2) I have already passed our developers some suggestions about expanding our Loyalty program. I will share the results if there are any.

3) We will develop more different Tournaments with different rewards, so I hope you'll have much fun with them.

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