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5 November, 2017, 3:08 PM UTC

1. When defending a town or resource location, troops injured should return to Infirmaries (seems no reason to be different)

2. Statistics of battle should report to both winner and looser. (now looser does no know any week point nor how and what to improve)

3. Capturing a resource location preparation form should show travel time as well as yielding time.

4. Capturing a resource location preparation form should not close the outpost form after send, so player can send the next March.

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5 November, 2017, 8:58 PM UTC

jkaralis said:

1. Make tile-hitting have even less of an impact, by giving the defender's advantage on city attacks (healing) - without the attacker's advantage (gaining rss). How about the attacker gains the rss the troops gathered till the attack ("looting" the tile)??

2. Remove the need for espionage to learn of the opponent's strength; Now sending just 1 T1 sacrificial lamb of any kind is enough.

3. I cba learning from experience or calculating in advance, help me make the game fire-and-forget now that tile hitting is so unrewarding that practically nobody is likely to do it and my tile is safe without spending Safe Conducts.

4. Another fire-and-forget mechanism meant to give more excuses to lazy people not checking marches on tiles. Please add in a fix that makes the mission launch form now show when the nearest march is going to capture tile, so I can use fast enough troops to hijack, or avoid sending a march if I can't.

5. Allow to define a list of rss I want to yield and the game auto-sends troops to yield them.

Fixed it for you.

I also went the extra mile of reading between your lines and writing what you deleted from our post before sending as number 5.
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