Switching Kingdoms

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26 April, 2018, 3:11 PM UTC

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lucifertk28 said:

That is exactly why I said make transfers available only to select Kingdoms. I've seen this done successfully in many games.

I understand and completely agree with you, but there are many kingdoms that are within the same age group to make this possible.

I only want to see other cheap options, I've watched a lot of people just quit the game instead because they do not want to start over. A small fee to transfer could keep a lot of players around when things are not working out in their current kingdom.

Kingdoms unlock a permanent Stat Bonus when they reach level 10.

So don't u think dat if it will be so cheap and easy to transfer in any K so there'll be many guys who were fly everywhere and kill small towns in small Ks during the tournaments ? I think that will works like that. I know u want to make it posiible like as u're thinking about other points of that, but not all players chase ur puproses as always :) 

It couldn't be cheap and easy i think, bcz i agree that somebody can use it in their bad intentions, but they need to be added at all so to increase players flowing between Kingdoms bcz not all want to sit at their Kingdoms if they're not so active, for example

In that case, sure, u're right it could't be so easy as i thought for first time and it ought to be some rules to prevent some guys like that Kingdom switchers who wants to just earn easy points in the kvk 

it will be work like at Vikings i think, that u can't earn after the relocating for some time and nobody can't earn points on you tho

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