Brave Lords, to arms! Disciple is about to attack!

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John the Fearless
27 July, 2017, 6:30 AM UTC

Fighters of the Kingdom, prepare for a furious battle! Another Assailant is approaching your lands!

At dawn a raven brought a letter with worrying tidings. Your holdings are in dire peril! Warriors of an ancient cult are about to attack the Kingdom, attempting to revive their former might and seize power by destroying any who resist. There is no doubt – these are the ruthless Disciples. Even old frescoes depict them as strong warriors wearing frightening full-face helmets. Also terrifying are their heavy shields with spikes and cult marks.

Tarry not! Use the time before battle wisely and equip your Hero! Every successful attack on the Assailant counts, and you may get one or more special materials: Quill, Cloth, Black Thread, Steel Cake or Poison Bottle. Use it to craft the Assailant’s unique equipment in the Workshop.

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