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 - New equipment upgrade levels. Legendary equipment can now be upgraded up to level 15. The upgrades will grant you new bonuses and also unlock an additional slot for a jewel (at level 12) and an additional slot for a rune (at level 15).

- An increase to the maximum Hero's Stamina and Inquisitor's Faith and the ability to instantly refill them. Your Hero's Stamina and Inquisitor's Faith can now be increased up to the new maximum – 5,000,000 units – with just one button press.

- The "Your gift" tab in the Bank. Visit the new tab often, as it shows all the packages that you can receive for free if you purchase Gold or anything else, depending on the requirements of the relevant package.

We've also:
- Removed the Gold tab in the Bank. Gold can still be purchased as part of Bank offers, however.
- Increased the minimum required Palace level for some secret achievements.
- Added a new level for one secret achievement.
- Changed the game balance for resource locations.
- Strengthened all Assailants and Apostate Masters, as well as the Ancients in the Dominion.

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During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward.

Don't forget to update Throne: Kingdom at War to the latest version, as the previous version may not work correctly. 

Apr 25, 2024, 11:1204/25/24
Apr 29, 2024, 03:0404/29/24

Not a fan of the nerfed hidden achievements

May 16, 2024, 20:5805/16/24

was there a change in giving out reputations as well with this update?  i have heard from orders in other kingdoms that they can no longer give out reps to anyone in their own kingdom other than their own order member or pact member.  And now I have discovered I cannot either?