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- The Battle for Avalon. A new era-defining Tournament, in which Orders capture Towers on a mysterious isle. By passing checkpoints and taking the top places, participants obtain Medals of the Druids. These can be exchanged for Townscapes, Hero's Guises, pieces of equipment for your Inquisitors, and other items.

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The first, Trial Battle for Avalon will be taking place on February, 22. It will start at 8 a.m. (UTC+0) and end at 2 p.m. (UTC+0).

- Only Orders that were created no later than 24 hours before the Tournament was announced in the Events window can participate.

- Only players who have a Palace of level 34 or higher can relocate to Avalon.

- An Order earns points for every second it holds Avalon Towers. The closer a Tower is to the center of the isle, the more points the Tower grants.

Lords, prove your Order's strength by conquering Avalon!


During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward.

Don't forget to update Throne: Kingdom at War to the latest version, as the previous version may not work correctly.

Feb 19, 2024, 11:1702/19/24
Mar 8, 2024, 12:1703/08/24

This game is over!

You can buy weapon trophies.

What else to play for? The richest wins. Sad!