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Buying Personal Points and Order Points

Buying Personal Points and Order Points

Feb 13, 2020, 02:1002/13/20

Buying Personal Points and Order Points

It should be possible to purchase Personal Points and Order Points for either Gold or Real Money. Personal Points and Order Points are normally obtained by:

  1. Completing Errands
  2. Helping Order Members complete Studies and Buildings
Are there any other ways to obtain Personal Points and Order Points?

It might also be good if Personal Points and Order Points could be obtained by attacking Assailants and Apostates.

Feb 13, 2020, 04:3102/13/20
Feb 13, 2020, 04:33(edited)

am wondering what is in the Order store ..that you want to spend Gold on , that is not available in the ITEM store 

only thing that comes to mind is the Adrian Architect candles ?  platinum ? grants ? Hero Crystals ? 

& those items are purchasable from bank offers for " Real Money "

Try to get your VIP level to 28 .. @ that point you get the maximum amount of errands in each refresher & you complete/claim ALL of them with just One click ..   makes it easy to level up your Hero & Inquisitors ..  & get a great selection of Crafting materials / gems / platinum / grants while also getting those Order Points that you want to purchase for Gold or "Real Money"

if you are buying Bank offers ..  then try to get the resource deals that come with errands & VIP points .. 

you can also Buy Special Errands / Order Errands from the ITEM store...  for GOLD 

am not opposed to a bank offer that includes an Order point / Personal point item 

 i just can't see people buying it (unless it was packaged with something people actually did want)

BUT ........

please lets NOT think about adding Order/personal points to Assailants & Apostates 

its already difficult enough to get the Crafting Materials / gems & Runes that we need

you can see what each level of VIP gives you by 

Clicking the VIP icon / Clicking Bonuses & scrolling up & down the different VIP levels 

Special Errands / Order errands needs level EIGHT VIP for Auto complete (one click each errand to complete , one click each errand to claim)

level 28 VIP ..gets you auto complete / auto claim ...  effectively just One click to claim all the errands in that refresher