KvK and OvO are Pay to Win Events

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28 August, 2019, 11:22 PM UTC

I am part of a hard working, hard fighting Order, but over the last few months we have been continuously defeated in OvO and KvK because our opponents wait until the last hour or so and pull out their credit cards and pay to train billions of troops to secure themselves the win.  I have seen this in other Plarium and similar games.  It always seems to be the death knell of the game when this starts to happen because entire Orders and Kingdoms abandon the game in frustration.

But this can be easily corrected.  Put a limit on the number of troops that can be trained based on the amount of food a Player is generating.  You would also need to put a restriction on the trained troops that they can't be dismissed for 3-5 days from when they are trained.  

But Plarium needs to make the economic decision of do they want a viable long term game, or a short term game that is supported by a few wallet warriors...
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