All the complaints in the forums

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6 May, 2019, 5:42 PM UTC

Game chat needs an overhaul for better communication and provide a translator.


Inquisitor gear is impossible.

Doable but hard, shoot for blue or purple first.

Abondoned cities.

All of them more than 2 months old, need removed.

Study and Construction times.

 Get better gear. The game progresses with you.

OVO/KVK are boring. 

Yes, because there is literally no reason to fight or unshield as there are 300 or more inactive cities to farm in almost every kingdom.


My personal view:

Remove all inactive cities more than 30-60 days old, but just remove them from the map. If the player ever comes back, their city is respawned in a random area. Other games have this feature. It prevents idle events and forces players to actually play your game. 

"Waaaaa, I made 400 palace 21 farms so I could get rss!! And you want them to take them away?!" 

Ever hear of hyperfarming? If the game was more fun and provided an actual challenge, players would stop quitting providing lots of hyperfarms to share rss with. This game is designed for hyperfarming. 

Fix the in game communication, so we can talk to all languages. Your social aspect in game is quite literally, GARBAGE. Doing so, will allow easy consolidation of all the 5-10 player kingdoms.

Inquisitor gear is frickin rediculous to make, but I see why. Adrian is the free inquisitor, you gotta work hard for the other ones, or buy them. Personally, I would like to see more events that give candles for all Inquisitors and allow Inuqisitor Profiles like the hero has. Having to redo skills on an Inquisitor, frankly... sucks.

OVO and KVK are boring as all hell. Why? Cause the only way to attack someone is if they are stupid enough to drop shield while AFK, or they are farming. Counter attacking an attacker, is futile and impossible if they are quick. I played a few games that had 5-15 minute cooldowns on shield re-activations... your shield drops, gotta wait.

This game has so much potential, but the devs are failing to bring it to the table. Why are they failing? 

Cause there are probably 4000 or more players in the game, yet 2-3 +1 thumbs on a forum post.

Teach your players to read, get your players on the forums, and tell them to +1 any forum post they agree with. Wether they like it or not, everyone will either disagree or agree with a post.

Its in your hands, players. Only ya'll can fix the game through the developers. But first you need to +1 a post. Lots of +1s. Otherwise, you are just venting and rage quitting due to your own stupidity (Stupid is defined as knowing the right thing to do, but not doing it)...

Being stupid is intentional, ignorance is not. Oh and if you read this far, you aint ignorant.

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6 May, 2019, 5:48 PM UTC

Just an FYI, this game is super fricking easy. Just stay shielded and focus your free gold on one thing at a time. If there are money spenders in your order, your free gold will be atleast 500k a week and about 4-6 months in boosts, per week. Also, 1m gold buys you a year worth of speedups, and 5.6m gold buys you 1m stamina capable of killing 20 alphasat roughly 150k gold or less, each.

Other than ingame communication and the lack of combat during OVO and KVK, i personally have no complaints.

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15 September, 2019, 4:15 AM UTC
I am really annoyed yesterday I had a town shield up for 3 days  came back online this morning only to find my town had been moved and all my troops destroyed resources plundered and no shield up, I have spent good money on this game only to be robbed. It is not good enough some thing needs to be put right and I want compensating for this. 
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