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10 February, 2019, 8:27 PM UTC

I think it would be very helpful to have a Council(t4) Channel that none of the t1-t3 can see. This would allow management to talk about planning/roster moves/discipline issues/diplomacy-mergers etc...without clogging up main chat. Someone suggested an order-only wall, so this would kind of accomplish that. I know game resources are always limited so if this could be made to happen at the cost of the Master Channel, I say do it. The Master Channel is never used in our server and I bet it is same for others?

I know some will say,"we'll we're uber elite and we use the Line app". To which I say, Line/Discord and other gaming apps/programs can be good and useful, but the more that's done in-game allows for a more inclusive gaming experience....imo. Plus, Line caused all kinds of issues for my phone and other apps. grrr 

Anyway, this and my comment/suggestion on super packs are enough for now....but, I'll have more later! *shakes pointer finger*


Recently returned after hiatus and back in GM Throne(see what I did there!?) of the MidKnight Bandits Order on lovely server 107 (Justertow). We have a few spots open and would love a few more dedicated, skilled players. Gated community, tennis courts, swimming pool and an on-staff masseuse! Everyone loves a happy ending! I'm talking about a good outcome of a war/battle!!!
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